Wireless Handheld

Want a “sneak peak” at a project that is underway at Electro-Mech? Our engineers have been busy putting some cool features into a small package. The result will be a set of wireless hand-held controllers that can activate various scoreboard features from down at field level.

The prototype unit shown above is designed to be used by the official in charge of the Play Clocks at a football game. The ref can keep his eye on the game and his thumb on the buttons. Using this little battery operated device, he can reset the Play Clock time to two different values, start the countdown, stop the countdown, and blank the displays.

Variations on this unit will allow you to control the main Game Clock, or basketball Shot Timers, or Practice Segment Timers, and more. Several customers are helping us test prototype units this year, with a release of the finished products scheduled for 2014.

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