Not All LED Displays are the Same

1996 brought a banner year to , as we introduced LED technology for our indoor scoreboards. The advantages and popularity catapulted to such a level of success, that by 2003, 100% of our scoreboards featured the LED s and quickly became the single
choice for clarity, color and eye-catching appeal. LED’s brought a distinct advantage in
appearance but also carries benefits such as lower electrical consumption, longer lifespan,
easy installation and the lack of a requirement to change bulbs. add to the
scoreboard green footprint and are more cost-effective.

The world of LED lighting may seem like an easy topic, but there can be a distinct difference in the quality of LED lighting used. Electro-Mech takes great pride in using
the highest LED standards for our scoreboards. LEDs should bring color, brilliance and a
sharp appearance, not matter what angle they are viewed from. Some scoreboard manufacturers may use narrow-angle LEDs. These may have a great look when viewed straight on from the front, but they diminish in quality from any other view. Other manufacturers have added semi-transparent plastic shielding on the LEDs. While they may have been trying to consider protecting the LEDs, even the clear shielding is reflective and reduces the colors, tones and clarity of the LEDs. Over time, these shields will also collect dust and debris which reduces the amount of light that passes through from behind the LED lights. Considering the often rough and tumble environment of a scoreboard location, a plastic shield can also scratch; and this can cause even the most illuminated LED, to have a poor appearance.

Electro-Mech has pioneered an LED design that will allow the maximum light output from any viewing angle and yet offers an incredible flexible structural design to absorb the rough and tumble impacts, without any display damage. Our goal is to have your scoreboard lighting as fantastic in appearance from the first day of installation to many years down the road. We want your fans to be able to enjoy the excitement of the game with a scoreboard that compliments the moment, no matter where they are seated.

Our Customer Service and Technical Support teams know our products on an integral level. These are staff members (not commissioned sales reps) that are trained to bring quality to our customers and work hand-in-hand with the with factory floor manufacturing to bring you the best service available.

Electro-Mech also sets our standards above par, through excellence in quality, safety and reliability. Electro-Mech has partnered with Intertek, an independent agency that requires random follow-up inspections to our scoreboards on a quarterly basis. This is just another way that we ensure that our focus on safety and design is maintained as a priority of our business.

With over 40,000 Electro-Mech scoreboards currently in service around the country, you might be surprised to know that we have a need for only a single technician for technical support. This doesn’t mean our scoreboards don’t break, but it does mean we don’t spend a lot of time in the process of supporting broken scoreboards. Our goal is to bring a long lasting, visually appealing scoreboard to our customers that will last through the test of time.

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