The Longest Sports Games in America’s History


Americans are fascinated with anything sports, and this carries over into those teams, games, and players that accomplish anything on an outrageous scale. From players that dress and act strangely to an extended duration of a game, Americans soak this up, like a dry sponge, and add them as topics to talk about with their fellow fans. Sports games that extend beyond the normal bounds typically mean a game that will be a hot topic. So what are some of the longest sports games in America’s history?

A sports game that goes beyond the norm in duration is eagerly watched, with all eyes on the electronic scoreboard for points and the winning team. A record was set in tennis when Nicolas Mahut and John Isner had a match that lasted over eleven hours, covering three days.
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Top Most Popular Soccer Jerseys: More than Just a Pretty Logo


Designing a soccer jersey is a tricky business and one that has changed from a plain necessity to an outright fine art. A well crafted look can turn a team into both popular and iconic or make everyone do a double-take, asking “what were they thinking”. Some of the best soccer jerseys that stand out are memorable and recognizable, and, after all, in marketing, that’s the name of the game; especially when you see the team colors on the electronic scoreboard.
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Strategies for Excellence in Outdoor Scoreboard Advertising

There are definite differences between sports scoreboard advertising in outdoor versus indoor venues. When you are planning your advertising project, you will need to take the variances into consideration for the best presentation and results. The purpose of your sports scoreboard advertising is to attract and keep the attention of the viewers and have them remember the sponsors that are supporting the team or school.

Indoor sports scoreboards typically have a controlled environment that you can use to your advantage. Adjustments can be made for low or high lighting with resolution changes in color. The LED’s on the sports scoreboard have such an excellence in technology that they can often overcome the challenges. Check and confirm your audio acoustics to ensure that any announcement doesn’t echo or reverberate as well as the decibel level. You should always test your scoreboard advertising prior to the game(s) and remember that a live performance will have a higher external noise factor. Indoor advertisement will allow you to do more extensive ad campaigns, as you won’t have as much external interference as outdoor venues. This is the environment where those higher resolution videos can come into play.
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University of Phoenix Stadium: 2015 Super Bowl – High Tech Scoreboards and Green Mission

Super BowlSports stadiums across the world have taken on the challenge of becoming part of a green mission to help save the planet. This is quite a daunting task as it requires the examination of every aspect of the game, the venue, the attendance and the fans. University of Phoenix Stadium hosts the 2015 Super Bowl and has already set in place the key pieces required to ensure their obligation to go green. To step up to the plate on this topic, it means more than just installing low electric use high tech scoreboards and a bit of recycling. This is serious business.
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View NHL and NBA on New HD Electronic Sports Scoreboards

Electronic Sports Scoreboard In 2013, the Pepsi Center unveiled the largest electronic HD sports scoreboard in the NHL and NBA. Home of the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets, the venue has reached high tech heights that have set a new bar for fans and attendees; and other venues will be hard pressed to compete with. This new electronic sports scoreboard is now larger than the AT&T Stadium and Tampa Bay Times Forum, that had previously set the records.

It took two years to plan and execute the incredible HD electronic sports scoreboard. This process was not for the light hearted, as they placed the 4,400 square foot surface area screen so that it could be viewed by all. With 1080p HD and 16:9 stats, hockey fan length is from each matching blue line and basketball fans will be happy to note the three point line to three point line stretch.

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College Stadiums Keep up with the Times with New HD Electronic Sports Scoreboards

Kinnick StadiumCollege sports has some of the most zealous supporters in the world. Fans will commute great distances and carry flags and bumper stickers on their cars. While colleges are aware of the popularity, they also know that to keep and maintain this fan base they must also upgrade to meet the technology needs for the school and sponsorship. The new HD electronic sports scoreboards have become some of the latest addition to satisfy an every growing immediate information society.
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High Tech isn’t for the Big Stadiums Anymore: High School Sports Scoreboards Really Rock

High School SportsWe are living in a society that has an incredible sense of high expectations for our technology. Smartphones and tablets bring immediate information and date, as it is happening around the world. This confidence has spread, so that even sports fans have access to home entertainment systems that once rivaled the best stadium presentations. The evolution of these technologies to bring sports fans out of their living rooms and into the bleachers has spread from the largest venues and is now becoming a more common scene in local high schools. The savvy choice of sports scoreboards has a multifunctional aspect that schools are taking full advantage of.
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Better Just Keeps Getting Bigger: Giant Video Sports Scoreboards

Sports ScoreboardsIf you are keeping up on the news on the topic of sports stadiums, you would not be surprised that sports venues are continuing to grow at an exponential rate. As old stadiums fall in ratings for what they are offering, the attendance and sponsorship also falls. The number of stadium facelifts and new construction are entering into a whole new era of bigger means better. Any stadium that wants to jet to the top of the ratings also needs the kind of giant video sports scoreboard that will wow the crowd.
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Bringing the HD Sports Scoreboard Experience to the Fans and Field

HD ScoreboardsCompetition on the sports fields continues to be incredibly fierce. As each new season approaches, stadiums and fields battle to offer a supreme game experience for the fans. In today’s world of technology, this now means moving from a standard sports scoreboard and into the world of HD. The expectation of the fans needs to be addressed with every technology available.

Sports Authority Field at Mile High is known to be the home of the Broncos, but the addition of the new 220 ft long and 40 ft high HD video scoreboard will elevate this field to the third largest NFL scoreboard in the country. There is an almost 1,500 ft ribbon display that spans the field at club level, a sound system that guarantees the best audio quality and the installation of over 1,000 flat screen displays around public places and stadium concourses. Continue reading “Bringing the HD Sports Scoreboard Experience to the Fans and Field”

Latest Technology: High Definition Video Sports Scoreboards

High Definition Video Sports ScoreboardsAttracting and keeping sports fans has never been a problem, but in today’s world the competition to bring them to the stadiums has become quite fierce. With the advent of better technology for home sound and visual systems, sports venues have had to step up to the plate and bring an elevated excitement experience for live attendance. Stadiums around the world are changing out their electronic sports scoreboards for the latest in increased size, and incredible HD.

When looking at the latest technologies in sports scoreboards, the first thing you notice is that the quality is not the only thing that has been stepped up; the size has also been increased. Stadiums are making way for larger screen size, added audio surround sound and high definition visuals. The added technologies that are being brought to the table also include live web streaming, instant replay, social media and direct fan interaction through texts and tweets.
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Creating a Brand-Choosing your Colors

Scoreboards ColorsIn today’s world of marketing, branding is everything and this is a particularly important topic when it comes to color choices. Branding goes beyond the idea of just using your school or team colors and enters into the area of psychology. Colors make an impression and, depending upon color selections and combinations, it can be a complete loss or a total win. Research has shown that between 62% and 90% of people will make immediate judgments based on color, so you want the first reaction to be the right one.

The first thing you need to consider in color choices for your branding is your target audience. Younger people are attracted and react to colors in a different way than middle aged people. If you have a combination audience, remember to think beyond trend colors. These colors will quickly go out of fad and if you make the wrong choice, your scoreboard will look very dated.
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Quality Aluminum Construction is the Mainstay of Electro-Mech Scoreboards

Aluminum ConstructionAluminum has become the metal of choice for many industries. In the past, steel was once thought to be the metal to use, however, the use of steel brings a plethora of problems and expenses that are not shared with aluminum. Due to its inherent properties aluminum brings durability with ease of use. In a world that is focused on recycling and more earth-friendly, aluminum is one of the few easily recyclable metals. The use of quality aluminum construction in every scoreboard is a standard of Electro-Mech.
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Electro-Mech Now Offers Scoreboard Leasing Options

Leasing ScoreboardsLeasing has become a more popular option in business decisions today. From extensive trade show floor displays to automobiles, there is often a more cost-effective aspect to a leasing choice as opposed to a full purchase. Due to popular request, Electro-Mech is now offering your school, team or stadium the choice of leasing an electronic sports scoreboard.

Electronic sports scoreboards are often included as part of the marketing budget. Everyone knows that today’s concept of marketing is changing on a quarterly basis. The demands of branding, technologies and overall appeal may be lost if the budget can’t keep up. An investment in a quality electronic sports scoreboard will be a reflection of your school, team, field or stadium and you need to maintain appearances with competition for sponsorship at such a high level.
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Electro-Mech Uses Automotive Grade Enamel Based Paint to Protect Your Scoreboard

Enamel Based Paint

Electronic scoreboards should be designed for longevity and to maintain their fresh look and appearance. After all, when fans look up to your scoreboard, its appearance is a direct reflection on your team, school or stadium. There is a lot that goes into manufacturing a quality scoreboard and Electro-Mech makes sure that every aspect of your scoreboard is carefully examined and cared for. One of the most important aspects is the exterior protection of a scoreboard and Electro-Mech makes use of the highest quality, automotive grade enamel based paint for its protection.
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Scoreboard LED Lighting – Looks Better From Every View

LED LightingYou might remember when the first widescreen televisions entered the market. One of the challenges of that technology was that to get a good view of the picture, you literally had to be face-on in front of it. Moving to any other angle, meant that you lost the brightness, clarity and picture. That was because the early LCD screens were manufactured with what is referred to as ‘narrow viewing cones’. Technology has come a long way since that time, especially on the topic of electronic scoreboards. LED lighting has hit the market and has not only overcome any viewing issues, but has taken scoreboard viewing to such a level, that even the seats in the back of the stadium can usually see all of the colors and tones clearly.
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