View NHL and NBA on New HD Electronic Sports Scoreboards

Electronic Sports Scoreboard In 2013, the Pepsi Center unveiled the largest electronic sports scoreboard in the NHL and NBA. Home of the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets, the venue has reached high tech heights that have set a new bar for fans and attendees; and other venues will be hard pressed to compete with. This new is now larger than the AT&T Stadium and Tampa Bay Times Forum, that had previously set the records.

It took two years to plan and execute the incredible HD electronic sports scoreboard. This process was not for the light hearted, as they placed the 4,400 square foot surface area screen so that it could be viewed by all. With 1080p HD and 16:9 stats, hockey fan length is from each matching blue line and basketball fans will be happy to note the three point line to three point line stretch.

They are calling the HD scoreboard installation the ‘crown jewel’ of the continued enhancement of the Pepsi Center. With three hundred flat screens spread out throughout the concourse, a fan will not miss a beat or point when they want to stroll out to get refreshments. The scoreboard itself contains four large screens facing equidistant to each other and offers the highest tech combinations for replays, live feeds, streaming and score updates. This quality enhancement did place a requirement for a complete rebuild in the control and studio production areas.

But what would the best visual experience be without high quality audio? In this case, the top of the line forty three channel amplifier sound system was added and includes the configuration of separate digital signal processors; all completely automated, with a computer system monitoring process. The system informs the operator(s) of each of the amplifiers status and signal levels as well as any problems that may occur. This will be great news for those that plan on attending any of the concerts held at the Pepsi Center – as they will have high volume and high quality sound.

The era of HD is quickly becoming the commonplace and expected technology to address the ever increasing demand of the consumer and fan. The addition of WiFi for smartphone access and social media has created a situation that every stadium is now addressing. There has been a change in the manner that the average game is now viewed so that attending fans require the biggest, best visuals and the finest audio systems, combined with the omni channel ability to share. Sponsors are quickly recognizing that these kinds of venues also offer them the chance to get their advertising message across channels that were previously unavailable to them. In essence, their branding can be sent worldwide, with the latest high tech scoreboard access.

The main purpose of these incredible HD sports scoreboards is to give the fan an experience that they could not have at home, even with the best entertainment center. However, it appears that expansion into the streaming feed concept is one that is now incorporated as part of the program and certainly looks like it is going to bring more viewers and advertising dollars.

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