Bringing the HD Sports Scoreboard Experience to the Fans and Field

HD ScoreboardsCompetition on the sports fields continues to be incredibly fierce. As each new season approaches, stadiums and fields battle to offer a supreme game experience for the fans. In today’s world of technology, this now means moving from a standard sports and into the world of . The expectation of the fans needs to be addressed with every technology available.

Sports Authority Field at Mile High is known to be the home of the Broncos, but the addition of the new 220 ft long and 40 ft high HD video scoreboard will elevate this field to the third largest NFL scoreboard in the country. There is an almost 1,500 ft ribbon display that spans the field at club level, a sound system that guarantees the best audio quality and the installation of over 1,000 flat screen displays around public places and stadium concourses. When you talk about panache – this stadium is over the top. The Outlaws Lacrosse games are taking full advantage of this extravaganza, as their own games will now be played in the field, promising an incredible increase in fan attendance.

Mile High stepped up the pace in competition when the 2011 Fenway Park HD Video Display scoreboard was unveiled. This new HD LED presentation included the installation of a new control room and high tech software to power the three displays that are spread out around the field. The software was specifically designed to emulate to look and feel of the old scoreboard that was removed. The intention was to give the fan base the appeal of the old field, while bringing the top technology. The special effects of the scoreboards includes the option of a variety of formats with dissolving signage, real-time stats, game action, sponsorship graphics that can be combined with all kinds of game information and visuals. The addition of the social media software for the fans and blog contributions make this an all-time hit for the home of the Red Socks.

In 2013, The Seattle Mariners Safeco Field added one of the largest HD video scoreboards in all of baseball. This incredible new screen has increase the size of the former scoreboard by about ten times and is equivalent to 2,182 forty two inch flat screen televisions. The design of this presentation is completely fan-concentric, giving the fans the ability to view even the smallest blade of grass in crisp clarity. The video is software programmable, for video replays, live action, split graphics, statistical info and animation. To say this is crowd-pleasing is a complete understatement

It appears that high definition is quickly becoming the standard, as stadiums and fields transition older scoreboards with the latest technologies. As the demands of fans increase, the world of scoreboards must keep up with the ultimate experiences that they are becoming accustomed to. It’s all about bringing increased attendance and sponsorship as well as expanding the horizons for field or stadium hosting. When you have the best, everyone wants to be a part of it.

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