Creating Scoreboard Advertising with Little or no Investment

You may think that creating electronic scoreboard advertising is an expense that is out of your reach, but with a little savvy planning, you can actually create top notch, high quality ads, with little or no investment.

Consider this: how many people do you know that have pc’s and movie cameras? The answer to what you considered a dilemma is to make use of the technology, talent, people and resources that is probably already in your grasp. In addition to lowering cost, using existing materials and talent will contribute to an earth-friendly philosophy; and this is something that sponsors will be attracted to.

Now that we have your wheels turning, here are some ideas that you can use to create sports scoreboard advertising with little or no monetary investment:

Equipment, technology and talent: As you put together you core group of volunteers and coordinators for your advertising effort, include the topic of equipment and technology. Extend the request for team members to bring onboard everyone that has computers, cameras, moving making software, and graphics software. Along with the hardware and software, you will need the expertise of the people that know how to operate as well as the creative genius of artists and graphic designers. There is almost always an audiophile expert in a school or community; one of those people that love working with audio systems and can manipulate the software with a click of a mouse.

Evaluating what you have and getting what you need: After you have brought together all of the equipment and talent, you will need to evaluate what is left to get so that you can produce the best quality scoreboard advertising. Make a list of the essentials and begin your search. Local businesses may sell you some of the items that you need as well as internet websites that specialize in the sale of items in your area. Send your team out to do the homework on contacting, finding and pricing the items on your list. When you regroup to review, you might be astounded at the results. The lower costs for pre-owned items have reduced the dollar investment quite substantially. At this point, you may still have some of the higher value items outstanding, so now it’s time to go to step three.

Talk to your potential sponsors. If you include free or reduced advertising to a sponsor in exchange for their subsidizing the costs of the additional items and/or equipment that you need, you have just had encountered a win-win experience. Make sure that you summarize all of the savings efforts you have made to demonstrate a serious budget-conscious attitude. Many businesses not only participate in but encourage earth-friendly purchases, and this may result in the support you are seeking for the purchase of those last technologies.

Accomplishing sports scoreboard advertising on a tight budget can be done and you may find that those that participate in the process will be there for you for the entire scope of the project.

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