Practice Segment Timers Bring Benefits to Sports Training

The key to any winning team is always involved in practice to perfection. One of the major challenges of all practice sessions is to actually have a measurement of progress. Today’s technologies bring new and easy methods to gauge the level of success through . Timers allow you to set your own goals, focus on the areas and team players that may need improvement and see the results.

Electronic timers have come a long way from the days of a stop watch or if you attended a game in the past, you might have viewed the old stop clock at the stadium. The manually observed and activated stop watches used in the past have been replaced with high tech quartz clocks that bring automation and precision to your sessions. The digital electronics are self-contained, can be preset and changed on a whim through programmable logic software.

A major element in training a team may also involve the ‘countdown’ concept. This brings a level of pressure to accomplish a move or play within a preset amount of time. You may be familiar with the ‘T-minus’ countdown concept from NASA space launches. Countdown timers are also used in other important areas such as explosive detonation and gas line monitoring. The countdown concept in sports brings a critical moment of truth and can spur a member or team to add the extra adrenaline needed for victory.

The need for timers has resulted in the development of high level sophistication. Computer systems now include hardware timers that offer an incredible area of precision as well as software timers that are designed for less accuracy but offer fewer limitations. The ease of use combined with automation and efficiency has made practice segment timers a top choice for many verticals.

Sports teams around the globe have been making use of both areas of timing through the addition of a variety of timers as part of the power-play tools for winning. Managers have seen excellent levels of improvement in both individual players and the teams. The latest integrated software in today’s practice timers allow the manager or team captain to use preset programming or ad hoc set ups. The results and time are easily viewed by all observers on large LED practice displays.

Professional scoreboard manufacturers, such as Electro-Mech, produce quality, high tech practice segment timers that are designed with your winning team in mind. The flexible, integrated software gives you the advantage to see player and team progress as you set their goals. When considering a sport such as football, the Electro-Mech “MP” series brings a great advantage to the team. Offering a built-in interface, use with the LX7640 LED practice display can save time and effort. Another advantage to the LX7640 is that it includes a play clock that is already integrated.

There is no doubt that a practice segment timer will bring a high return on investment. When time is of the essence on the field, the right timer will give you that competitive edge for improvement and a winning team.

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