Electro-Mech Now Offers Scoreboard Leasing Options

Leasing Scoreboards has become a more popular option in business decisions today. From extensive trade show floor displays to automobiles, there is often a more cost-effective aspect to a leasing choice as opposed to a full purchase. Due to popular request, Electro-Mech is now offering your school, team or stadium the choice of leasing an electronic sports .

Electronic sports scoreboards are often included as part of the marketing budget. Everyone knows that today’s concept of marketing is changing on a quarterly basis. The demands of branding, technologies and overall appeal may be lost if the budget can’t keep up. An investment in a quality electronic sports scoreboard will be a reflection of your school, team, field or stadium and you need to maintain appearances with competition for sponsorship at such a high level.

Some organizations with limited funds may experience sticker shock at the thought of purchasing an electronic sports scoreboard. They may not have the budget and yet know that they need a scoreboard. The option of leasing offers the ability to have your scoreboard and not be saddled with the cost of purchasing. There may also be changes planned for the school or stadium and leasing will give you the chance to upgrade or make change outs that will be more appropriate for the up and coming improvements. An additional consideration that should be thought of is the fact that you won’t be stuck with a single branded look. Leasing will give you the chance to make a future change without fear of losing any money invested in an all-out purchase.

Leasing a sports scoreboard brings a whole new aspect to your scoreboard decision. In lieu of facing potential larger dollar investments, you can look at a reasonable monthly payment and not be tied down with a long term contract. This is of special importance as it can be configured into a fixed budget and give you the ability to accurately predict current and future budgetary considerations. The known amount will also ensure that you are protected against fluctuations in pricing that occur.

Many product manufacturers have taken on the gauntlet of offering a leasing option. Electro-Mech makes use of a quality financing and leasing specialty company and the application process is fairly simple. Working with your Electro-Mech representative we can design a one-page leasing application that outlines your specific needs. This might include duration and shipping and handling options.
Electro-Mech leasing brings some flexible options that can fit a budget. With 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 month terms, you can make the choice that you can afford. If situations change or you want to choose the buy-out option, Electro-Mech has made that available as well.

Leasing an electronic sports scoreboard from Electro-Mech will give you the best of both worlds. You team will have a quality manufactured scoreboard that displays your school or team, without the demands of a major investment and you will be given the flexibility to make the kinds of changes that the future might bring.

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