Electro-Mech Uses Automotive Grade Enamel Based Paint to Protect Your Scoreboard

Enamel Based Paint

Electronic scoreboards should be designed for longevity and to maintain their fresh look and appearance. After all, when fans look up to your , its appearance is a direct reflection on your team, school or stadium. There is a lot that goes into manufacturing a quality scoreboard and Electro-Mech makes sure that every aspect of your scoreboard is carefully examined and cared for. One of the most important aspects is the exterior protection of a scoreboard and Electro-Mech makes use of the highest quality, automotive grade for its protection.

The words ‘enamel paint’ have changed over the years, but in general, typically means any paint that offers a glossy, hard, opaque finish. In the past, enamel paint literally contained an oil-based enamel as a product, but with the newer paint products, the term may still be used but no longer contains those products.

Automotive grade enamel based paint is some of the sturdiest paint that is available. Automotive manufacturers have spent years developing the kind of paint that will protect a vehicle that they know will be exposed to the elements. Paint formulations have been designed to deter fading, chipping and scratching and yet maintain a high gloss look.

While some scoreboard manufacturers may cut corners, Electro-Mech has chosen to use the very best automotive grade enamel based paint for all of the scoreboards. This choice means that the application process may take longer and be more involved but it will ensure that the scoreboard has longer life with that new-look appearance.

Since the enamel paint is being placed over metal, automotive grade helps to reduce oxidation. Nothing will ruin the look of an electronic scoreboard more than the appearance of rust. Automotive grade enamel based paint contains polymers to help in the sealing process while offering a clear glossy look. In essence, Electro-Mech maintains a high level of integrity through the selection of automotive grade enamel based paint so that your electronic scoreboard can have that ‘new car shine’.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into the application process for automotive grade painting. Electro-Mech uses some of the same procedures that automotive manufacturers use in primers, application, and sealant. Since your scoreboard is created in a customized fashion for your team, school or stadium, the color selections and painting process accommodates the color schemes and choices in the highest quality production.

If your selection is for an outdoor scoreboard, you know that it will have to stand up to all of the weather conditions. These conditions can quickly destroy a scoreboard made of lesser quality paint and all too soon the money invested will begin to be questioned when your scoreboard is fading and cracking. There isn’t any cost savings in a scoreboard that loses its luster in a short amount of time. Electro-Mech’s use of automotive grade enamel based paint will help to keep that scoreboard in quality condition and the colors crisp and sharp.

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