LED Advertisement Billboards: Bringing the Gaming World into the 21st Century

Sports and especially sporting events have been recently revolutionized due to the advent of certain technologies. have led this charge, and they really have changed the game. Before, a lot of places began to use a to not only display information pertinent to the sporting event, but also to spread an advertising message to the fans. has never been the same since the advent and widespread adoption of led technology. Before this revolution in sporting, advertising was a tedious task that reaped moderate benefits at best.

Led advertisement billboards number one impact on the world of sports is that they allow advertising in an efficient manner. Before led advertisement billboards, advertising was either standstill on the wood billboard, or you needed to hire labor to walk around in sandwich boards. But were neither that effective when it came to drawing customers. If you wanted to change advertisers on the wood billboard than you had to manually go up there and replace what needed to be. As you can probably easily see, this was neither quick nor cost effective. These methods were not attention getters and wouldn’t get people to remember the messages as well.

A led billboard also had a major impact in the world of scoreboard advertising by being flashy. In other words, a led billboard is not a static advertisement; it is always moving and changing. Led advertisement billboards in this sense are real attention getters. It is hard to see out of the corner of your eye an advertisement on the ticker tape and totally ignore its message. Scoreboard advertising will never be the same for this one simple fact. Other forms of advertising are nowhere near as effective as led advertisement billboards because they can easily command your attention and hold it, which is the whole idea behind advertising.

Another major inroads made by led advertisement billboards is that they can cut down on your overhead. Besides a little bit of capital that is needed up front to purchase and led billboard, they are really cost effective in the long run. They need little to no maintenance over their life spans, which is a major benefit. They also are really cost effective when it comes to their electricity use. LEDs focus all of their power on making light, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs which also produce a lot of heat and thus wasted energy. You can also easily change advertisers without the need of climbing up on a ladder and physically changing them.

Can you imagine going to a sports complex to sit down and watch a game in order to see old time advertising? You would think that you had stepped thirty years back in time. You would probably also notice how ineffective these forms of advertising would be. A person wearing a sandwich board would probably just annoy you and make you not want to buy what they are trying to pitch, and you probably wouldn’t take much notice of the static billboard advertisement.

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