Latest Technology: High Definition Video Sports Scoreboards

High Definition Video Sports ScoreboardsAttracting and keeping sports fans has never been a problem, but in today’s world the competition to bring them to the stadiums has become quite fierce. With the advent of better technology for home sound and visual systems, sports venues have had to step up to the plate and bring an elevated excitement experience for live attendance. Stadiums around the world are changing out their electronic sports scoreboards for the latest in increased size, and incredible .

When looking at the latest technologies in sports scoreboards, the first thing you notice is that the quality is not the only thing that has been stepped up; the size has also been increased. Stadiums are making way for larger screen size, added audio surround sound and visuals. The added technologies that are being brought to the table also include live web streaming, instant replay, social media and direct fan interaction through texts and tweets.

So what is the cost for these new and spectacular electronic sports scoreboards? Depending upon the size and all of the offerings, the prices have now jumped into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. While you catch your breath, you might wonder how anything of that magnitude could possibly be worth the investment. As with any marketing venue, the more spectacular the presentation, the bigger the sponsor draw and sponsors are lining up to be part of this new world of HD scoreboards in support of their teams and to bring in larger fan and customer base.

The outdoor track and football teams at The University of Maine is just one of the groups that will be benefiting from the latest scoreboards. Alfond Sports Stadium Morse Field is adding a 30 ft wide by 20 ft tall high definition video sports that goes beyond all the bells and whistles. Thanks to a generous donation, this $800,000 extravaganza of a scoreboard is set to wow the fans in every way possible.

UofM is setting the precedence for college stadiums around the U.S. They are aware that to compete against the national stadiums and get fans off the couch and into the venue, they have to offer the full sophistication of the very best in presentation. UofM will be one of the very few high definition scoreboards of its kind in all of New England and based on the preliminary reception, the trend is already set to expand to other college stadiums. Calling this scoreboard state-of-the-art is almost an unenlightening statement. This scoreboard goes beyond the standard in transcends into greatness. While Morse Field is known for the football and outdoor track teams, the plans for this scoreboard include expansion into other areas. The field will host college and high school track meets as well as Special Olympics and state championships.

The installation of the latest high definition sports scoreboards opens up the location venue to not only additional sponsorship, but typically sets it apart to include new events. When you examine the amount of increased revenue through attendance, the latest technology will quickly bring a return on investment.

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