Scoreboard LED Lighting – Looks Better From Every View

LED LightingYou might remember when the first widescreen televisions entered the market. One of the challenges of that technology was that to get a good view of the picture, you literally had to be face-on in front of it. Moving to any other angle, meant that you lost the brightness, clarity and picture. That was because the early LCD screens were manufactured with what is referred to as ‘narrow viewing cones’. Technology has come a long way since that time, especially on the topic of electronic scoreboards. LED lighting has hit the market and has not only overcome any viewing issues, but has taken scoreboard viewing to such a level, that even the seats in the back of the stadium can usually see all of the colors and tones clearly.
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LED Scoreboards bring return on investment through electric bill savings

The term ‘LED’ has entered mainstream dialogue and almost everyone is familiar with it. However, most people don’t really know what ‘LED’ lighting really is, how it works and most importantly, how it can bring big time savings in the electric bill. This is of special importance when you are talking about the subject of larger LED sports scoreboards, where an electric bill impact could reduce a budget or the savings could bring extra money where it is needed.
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What Exactly is LED and Why is it Important?

LEDBy definition, an LED is actually a light emitting diode. This means that it is a small electronic semiconductor that actually converts energy from electricity into light of the visible spectrum. Colors, as well as power efficiency and brightness in an LED are determined by the actual chemical compound used inside the LED. If you look at a standard light bulb, you will see a small filament inside. This filament is the cause of high electrical use and when it goes bad, the light is useless. LED lights don’t have that filament, and therefore are longer lasting and take less electricity.
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