LED Scoreboards bring return on investment through electric bill savings

The term ‘’ has entered mainstream dialogue and almost everyone is familiar with it. However, most people don’t really know what ‘LED’ lighting really is, how it works and most importantly, how it can bring big time savings in the bill. This is of special importance when you are talking about the subject of larger LED sports scoreboards, where an electric bill impact could reduce a budget or the savings could bring extra money where it is needed.

LED stands for light-emitting diodes, and are actually semiconductor based devices that create light in the visible range when an electric current is passed through the device. The efficiency level outweighs the old fashioned fluorescent, as it doesn’t actually produce any physical heat that is felt; the heat sink absorbs and the LED is always cool to the touch. It is the production of heat that uses a high level of electricity, and since there isn’t any heat in LED, there is a considerably lower cost to operate. Incandescent bulbs also release about 90% of the heat produced, and thereby wastes energy.

The older style compact fluorescent light bulbs or incandescent were designed to emit lighting in all directions. LED lighting brings the ability to emit light in a directional manner, and offers a more efficient use of light production. This concept is a major focus for electronic sports scoreboards, where efficiency is a hot topic.

Standard incandescent or fluorescent lighting is an all or nothing occurrence. In essence, the bulb either works or it burns out. LED lighting has an existence that is completely different. The longer life of the LED light is measured in the manner in which there is depreciation in the lumen. The bulb will function, but the actual brightness will slowly fade. The longevity of the LED light is such that it will continue to function over a longer period of time. It is estimated that the LED light produces more light through the use of less wattage at around a 75% efficiency level. This equates to a significant lowering of the standard electric bill.

Another cost effective idea is the fact of the cost of replacement. While LED lights are a bit higher in cost than standard bulbs, they last longer and don’t require replacement as often. In the long run, the savings can bring an uptick for the budget.

LED lighting has a high “Energy Star” rating for the emission of light and color. While color might not be something that you can convert to a savings concept, it should be remembered that LED lights can be configured to display almost unlimited color selections. Compare this to the limitations of the standard fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

The top manufacturers of electronic sports scoreboards now have quality LED lighting in the scoreboards for your team or school. The goal is to produce the very best products that will bring every avenue of savings to the investment, which offering the brightest colors for that look and appeal you want.

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