The Highest Paid NFL Players – Updated Article With Information on Best-Paid Players Per Position.

Highest Paid NFL PlayersSo here are the top paid NFL players who light up the football scoreboards and give the fans the most to cheer about (when they are watching them, not buying an entry ticket!.

First of all the star of all star positions, the quarterback:

1 – No surprises here as Tom Bradey makes it not only to the QB number spot in terms of payment, but to the pedestal of best paid player out of anybody in the NFL. He just made a deal worth over $72 Million over 4 years, which is $18 Million a year, plus at least $20 million a year endorsements. He is sure to light up the football scoreboards again this year. Well, he better do if he is going to justify a wage like that!

2 – It won’t come as much as a surprise either that Peyton Manning comes in at number two. He is on a salary of $15.8 million a year with a total earnings (after endorsements) of $30.8 million. Whilst Peyton Manning is the second highest-paid player in the NFL, his earnings put him only in 17th place among the best paid athletes in the world, and 9th place amongst the best paid American athletes.

3 – Matthew Stafford is our third best paid QB, with a salary of $11 million, and a total of $26.5 million.

The leading LB is Terrell Suggs, who currently gets paid a total of $24.9 million per annum.

The number one DL is Albert Haynesworth, who is on $24.6 million per year after endorsements.

The best-paid WR is Darrius Heyward-Bey. He will get this year a whopping $21.5 million in total.

When it comes to the RT position, Jason Smith is the numero uno. He is on no less than $20.6 million.

So who is the best paid DE? No other than Julius Peppers! The Bears player is on $20 million a year.

The number one NT is Vince Wilfork, who receives $18.9 per annum for his efforts.

The NFL’s best rewarded CB is DeAngelo Hall, who gets $18.5 million a year.

This list might surprise some fans as some of these players are not even that well known. Half of them did not even make the play offs last season. Regardless, their wage is set at the value that the coaches attribute them, and for sure the lesser know players in particular who are receiving gigantic salaries will be experiencing huge pressure this season to perform at the highest level.

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23 thoughts on “The Highest Paid NFL Players – Updated Article With Information on Best-Paid Players Per Position.

  1. Okay, I’m a die-hard Pittsburgh Steeler fan and as one, I recognize the fact that my team has the lowest paid players on it. But come on people…the amount of money even the lowliest Steeler pulls down exceeds what I would make in three years. I know this is their job and they get hurt, but how many people get paid outrageous amounts of money to do something they love? The highest paid players – no, all NFL players – shouldn’t be making millions of dollars.

    1. The NFL makes a lot of money. If the players don’t get it, who does the owners? A lot of people are mad at players, but remember, at the head of each of these teams are owners who can afford to pay these salaries without even blinking.

    2. They get paid that much, because they should, unless the laws of supply and demand are fundamentally flawed. There are only a few who could ever make to the NFL, based on body types and genetics, and most of those lack the dedication. Digression: Almost anyone can get a teaching degree, so I don’t care what malcontented teachers get paid. Perhaps they can try to pay their bills with naive altruism. As for doing what they love. Yeah, most, we call them lucky. Let’s not forget the outstanding talents that do not love the game, at least not as much as what it provides them. See J. Russel of OAK.

  2. You know, people go off about these guys making outrageous amounts of money that they shouldn’t, but have you seen them when they get off their field? These guys need millions just to pay their doctor bills.

  3. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Ben Roethlisberger are paid way too much money to throw a football. Add Tony Romo to that last. I mean, yeah, they’re good, but they don’t need to be bringing that much down a year. I don’t care what their doctor bills look like.

  4. Peyton Manning… “perhaps the greatest quarterback in history?” Is this a joke?

    The guy wins 1 super bowl after years of choking and already he’s eclipsed Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw, and Joe Montana. Remind me, does Manning have as many super bowl appearances as these guys have rings?

    Yeah, check your comments next time, dude. Unbelievable.

  5. Consider this, everyone, before you cry about how much they are paid or how high ticket prices are or whatever: Players put in much more time working every week during practice, workouts, games, and anything else associated with their job that it would be ridiculous to consider it even close to a normal job. Also, ticket prices aren’t any more expensive related to income as they were in 1920. Do your homework.

    1. (((Consider this, everyone, Alex says)))
      This is great maybe before you print((Do your homework.)) you should…
      1….football,,,all players of course do not work year round….most americans work lots of overtime year round…..I have 5 friend that are professional football players and if you add all they’re hours of travel incl.((anything else associated with their job that it would be ridiculous to consider))..The Average ovetime working american puts in more hours…..per year “on average of a person working a 52 hr week”
      2.Ticket prices on the average in 1920 were approx $5.00 per ticket from all research ((Inflation calculator))”pretty simple”…with the cost of inflation that will equal $58.72 in todays money,,,,tell me where you get a professional ticket for that amount,,.,,$150.00 per ticket is about base i can find….even in the midwest.

    2. They play for about 4 months. Camp is open for about 3 before that….so NO WAY They work harder than a guy at Wal-Mart.

  6. $150?!? ok,I dont go to many games because Im a broke ass, however, I did just drive 2 hours to see a Packers/Rams game (they should have paid me to go) but it was only 20 bucks for both tickets… nose bleed city, but hey, ya dont have to sit front center…

  7. How dare any one complain about how much an NFL player gets paid!!! The NFL puts on a good enough show to be able to sell tickets at whatever price and fill enough seats and sell enough TV ads and whatever whatever. It’s all voluntary guys! If you don’t like how much someone gets paid in the NFL then don’t do business with them in anyway! This includes going to a game or buying merchandise. This also includes even watching a game on TV.

  8. How bout those baseball players huh…….they put on a good show?? right? I’ve never watched a game before, so I really don’t know.

  9. Tom Brady all the way, best qb in history, other than joe Montana and they deserve the pay they get, I mean could you who are talking about their pay go out there and even get a play off? No!

  10. Pittsburgh has the 5th highest payroll of all of football so don’t tell me they have low salaries. They are even higher then Washington.

  11. All of those people who say they are getting paid to much money are just jealous that they do not have the talent to be able to make that much money and do what they love… if you dont aggree with it and your not jealous they stop buying tickets and watching the games because really you are paying Big Ben all of his money…

  12. wow. See this is the problem. Yes its true that not everyone can throw a ball perfectly and make a play but why should they gt paid that much to run with a ball perfectly or catch a ball perfectly or tackle someone perfectly. Its ridiculous. Teachers should be paid way more than these guys. Guiding children is a way more important job than being a professional runner. Teachers provide people with a lifetime of knowledge whereas sports figures just provide entertainment. Don’t get me wrong I love watching football, it’s fun, but they don’t need to be paid that much money. Did you know that in just 10 minutes of an NBA basketball game a player can make more than the average-paid teacher makes in a year. Now thats ridiculous

    1. r u an idiot these players are paid tht much because theyre the best and teachers should NOT be paid more than them at all ur a fucking idiot ur basically saying pro sport players should make 50000 a year or something….how stupid can u fucking get these guys WORK HARD for ther money teachers dont have to go through intense training and pressure and get hit all the time and do all this shit omg ive never seen a stupider comment

  13. Players get way way way too much. People who fight for our country, and doctors who save peoples lives, teachers who teach our kids dont even get paid that much. These people should be getting money like that not someone who throws a ball, or sits a bunch and does nothing half the time. Oh wow so they have to work out and practice, and play in some games. Give me a break. These players are making all this money and here sits people like us who work our asses off just to get a little bit of pay. I couldn’t make as much money as they do in 1 year, in my whole life time. Its disgusting!

    1. they work there asses off also they go through intense training practice and work outs to become as good as they are and they do even harder stuff to get even better so id like to see u try and do what they do….doctors i can understand but teachers is just stupid schools dont make enough money to pay tht much anyway

  14. The percentage of HS football players that make it on a ranked college team is slim. The amounts that make it from college to the Pros are close to zero. Just to make a pro team you have to be elite. They should be paid. Everyone is referring to doctors and teachers…how many are there? There is only a small percentage that can make it to the pros. There are only 32 teams. Now if there was a way to pick the top percentage of teachers in the nation and pick just a fraction of those, then maybe that small percentage could be paid as elite. I am sure there is a small fraction of surgeons that are making far more than the average doctor. Shouldn’t they be paid for their ability?

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