The Highest Paid NFL Players – Updated Article With Information on Best-Paid Players Per Position.

Highest Paid NFL PlayersSo here are the top paid NFL players who light up the football scoreboards and give the fans the most to cheer about (when they are watching them, not buying an entry ticket!.

First of all the star of all star positions, the quarterback:

1 – No surprises here as Tom Bradey makes it not only to the QB number spot in terms of payment, but to the pedestal of best paid player out of anybody in the NFL. He just made a deal worth over $72 Million over 4 years, which is $18 Million a year, plus at least $20 million a year endorsements. He is sure to light up the football scoreboards again this year. Well, he better do if he is going to justify a wage like that!
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The Four Best Running Backs in NFL History

Best Running Backs#1 Jim Brown
Despite playing only nine seasons, Jim Brown broke most major running back records, and his records stood for many years. He averaged 5.2 yards a carry, a figure unsurpassed by running backs. His leading the league in rushing in all but one of his seasons speaks to his consistency and dominance. This amazing football player led the Cleveland Browns to the 1964 NFL title.
Brown was a unique combination of power and speed. If his acceleration and fakes failed to get him by a tackler, he would use his powerful arms to deliver punishing blows to the approaching foe. Both his torso and his thighs were unusually wide and muscular, making him tough to bring down. Even teams that keyed on Brown were rarely able to limit him to less than 100 yards a game. Some experts rank Brown as not just the greatest running back of all time, but the greatest football player overall.
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Dan Marino Biography

Dan Marino Biography

  • Many football experts believe that Dan Marino was the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL
  • Marino was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he also played college football
  • What made Marino such an amazing football player was his quick release and accuracy in throwing the ball, along with his ability to read defenses
  • Any Dan Marino biography must also mention his work in broadcasting

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The Highest Paid NFL Players

Highest Paid Nfl Players

  • Signing bonuses are the biggest factor in determining the highest paid NFL players
  • Is Ben Roethlisberger the greatest quarterback? He had the top NFL players salary in 2008 because of a $25 million signing bonus
  • Early in 2009, Nnamdi Asomugha signed a huge contract. Even though he is an amazing football player, previously his name was known by only the most die hard fans, except in Oakland

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