Portable Volleyball Scoreboards: Giving You the Mobility You Need

are becoming more and more popular. In days gone by, the word portable was associated with small, lesser quality and cheap. Things have changed today. With the need for portability, the experienced manufacturers have stepped up to the plate with some astounding products. Almost every need is met, from size, viewing and sponsorship.

Small to large:
Many sports areas may not have feasibility to have a scoreboard. This is particularly true in volleyball. One game may be played in a multi-sport gym, another on a beach. Portable volleyball scoreboards are now manufactured with the variety of venues in mind. Many sizes are available to accommodate the needs of your team. Just because it’s portable no longer means it has to be small. A portable volleyball scoreboard can be configured to quite large sizes. Since they are portable, the design is also made to be of a lighter weight.

LED – The only way to go
LED technology is now the mainstream of all advertising and displays. The selection of colors is bright, clear and easy to read as your fans follow the game. LED saves on energy costs which helps to continue your effort of ‘going green’. LED colors simply attract our attention as no other visual has in the past. With a portable volleyball scoreboard, you can take the pizz-zazz with you to the game.

Plug or Battery:
Since LED uses so little power, this is great for .
Designed to run on a standard electric plug, many also offer battery operation so it can last through the whole game, and beyond. This is a high priority topic when you don’t want electric cords streaming across fields or beaches; causing potential accident hazards.

Better Bang for the Buck:
Not only do the portable volleyball scoreboards save in electricity, but it also has an approximate 100,000 hour lifetime. This is an enhanced savings because you don’t have to invest in bulb replacement. Another plus is that customization is available through the better quality manufacturers. You can add sponsorship signage or school logos. When they seen their name, sponsors will love investing in your team.

Other customizations:
You may have an interest in customizing. Portable volleyball scoreboards can be customized to the team or school colors and coordinate the LED colors to compliment and wow the fans. This will continue the branding of your team or school to let them definitely know who you are.

Wireless Controls:
The controls for many portable scoreboards are wireless. This gives the controller carte blanche to upload scores from almost anywhere on the field or in a stadium. A nice improvement over the past, where the controller was stuck, hard wired to one location.

Transporting your equipment should include the appropriate carrying cases from your qualified manufacturer. This is especially true with outdoor volleyball scoreboards where weather conditions, dirt and dust may be involved.

Every piece of technology we use today is now portable without the loss of quality. Portable volleyball scoreboards are included in the group, offering high quality and cool colors to make the game the best it can be.

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