Volleyball Scoreboards: Accuracy behind Technology

Volleyball ScoreboardsVolleyball is a fast paced and exciting game that can really keep the fans on their feet. Keeping score for a volleyball match usually involves flipping a series of numbers over as the play progresses to reflect the score. This same method has been used for years until recent improvements in scoreboard technology have made their way onto the volleyball court.

have been released in recent years that allow games played today to be scored and displayed to the fans like any other school sport. Some of these volleyball scoreboards are permanent fixtures and others are portable units that can be setup at game time and then rolled away after the game. Initially these volleyball scoreboards were just digital replacements for the simpler scoreboards used in the past, but recent models take the scoring to a whole new level.

These newer volleyball scoreboards can display the basic information like current score and current game time and also be customized to include a lot of other game related information. You can add statistics like number of spikes per team or even per player. You could also keep a running tally of the game times for various matches in a multi-game tournament. If you really want to keep the fans engaged, you can expand these new volleyball scoreboards to keep statistics for each player on the team and update the number of aces and digs they have in the current game. This helps their fans keep track of their game performance and makes the game even more exciting.

The ultimate in volleyball scoreboards can include an LED video display. This large video screen allows you to broadcast live action video to the fans through the scoreboard and really opens up the possibilities for how much information you can provide for the crowd. By being able to display video, you could show the fans instant replays of that amazing save on the court, or broadcast player interviews as well. These screens are used by many schools to alert fans to upcoming games or events at the school and changes to the team’s schedule. This can be a very effective way to provide updates on future games and events.

To make these volleyball scoreboards more affordable, you have the option of installing a multi-sport scoreboard. This type of scoreboard can be used to keep score for a variety of events that use the same stadium or arena during different parts of the year. This allows the cost of the scoreboard to be spread among the various sports programs and sponsors and makes it more affordable for everyone. Since volleyball is typically played in the same arena as basketball and wrestling, many schools combine these individual scoreboards into a single one that can be used for all three sports. This is a great way to keep your costs down and still deliver the vital information that the fans need to know about a current game. If you install an optional video screen, you can even display additional information about the game being played and keep the hardcore fans happy and up to date.

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