How to Choose the Best Volleyball Scoreboard

If you are puzzled choosing the best volleyball scoreboard, you need to do a bit of research first. Selection of a volleyball scoreboard will depend totally on the type of team, game, sponsors and financial resources that you have. Here are some of the steps that you need to address to help make your decision.

Permanent or Portable:
If you don’t have a permanent team stadium, gym or beach, you might want to consider a portable scoreboard. An advantage to the portable is that they typically cost less. A disadvantage is that only a few good companies may offer electronic versions of the portable scoreboard and the obvious disadvantage is that they are smaller. If you choose the permanent style, you will need to make sure you comply with county, city and team requirements. Permanent scoreboards must also be typically mounted in weather controlled areas, in cement bases. This is your first concern when making your decision on the .

Plug in or Wireless:
Standard electrical connection are great if you don’t have all the cables and cords exposed. This is a safety hazard for fans and team members. Wireless is an excellent choice as it offers easy controllers without the requirement of a permanent control base.

LEDs or Manual:
The cost and obvious advantages of LED technology over manual pretty much answers this question. LEDs are widely used in electronics nowadays and that should include your volleyball scoreboard. LED offers crisp colors and instant results for the fans. It’s also energy efficient. I don’t think I’ve been to any game in the last ten years that still has a manual scoreboard. LED’s last for hundreds of thousands of hours and adds to being the most cost effective.

Construction and Longevity:
There are companies that make . You will get what you pay for and probably have to replace it in a very short amount of time. When researching, make sure you communicate with a manufacturer that has been in the business for many years. Construction of the cheap volleyball scoreboards is usually very poor and does not include the higher quality processes such as: all aluminum construction and baked on, automotive grade base paint. This is an investment and any of the volleyball scoreboards that you consider should look just as good five years after the day you bought it. The better companies also offer a good warranty, displays are bright and everything is easy to use.

Sponsor Messages:
Beyond just the excellence of the game, is the business side of the sport. The best volleyball scoreboard should offer you some options to display the logo, icon, message or even full video display of your sponsors. While the cost of this selection might be higher, you are more than likely to get a lot more sponsors if they see the high-end quality of their advertising message. This kind of loyalty may find them knocking on your door instead of the other way around.

The cheap volleyball scoreboards usually don’t offer any type of accessories; except replacement parts, at a cost. The better manufacturers offer accessories to make your game the best it can be: Various types of hand held remote control and base control units, carrying cases to protect your accessories, hand held start and stop controllers.

Customer Support and Consultation:
The company you select should have a well rounded consultation representative that you can discuss your needs with. Customer support should also be top notch so that they can assist with every aspect of the sale and installation. This is where the manufacturers of cheap volleyball scoreboards usually fall short.

Your fans will be watching the type of scoreboard you choose. Making the best selection can turn your game into a heart pounding, grand slamming time of excitement. It can increase your following as well as your sponsors and make everyone proud.

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