Key Differences Between Indoor Volleyball Scoreboards and Outdoor Volleyball Scoreboards

If you’ve decided to start investigating you might want to know the key differences between indoor and outdoor scoreboards. There are some major considerations to think about because the type, style and quality can make or break the enthusiasm of your game, team and fans.

General information on Volleyball Scoreboards:
When previewing any sport scoreboard, LED is really the best choice today. This offers the highest quality viewing; immediate or instantaneous score results, wider angle viewing and increased brightness. LED is also energy efficient, typically giving you 100,000 hours of life. Better quality manufacturers will discuss with you the sizes available as well as your screen choices. You can have various displays for team scores and player statistics. Color choices abound, including your team colors. Today’s business savvy team managers know the value of their sponsors. Volleyball scoreboards should be able to add your sponsor name or logo. To the delight of your fans (and the sponsors), some offer video display. Quality construction and a good warranty are a must. The better manufacturers will have been in business for over twenty years and will offer a representative for consultation and have good customer support.

The first major advantage of indoor volleyball scoreboards is that they don’t have to be weather proofed. The additional advantage is that they have minimal maintenance. You need to make sure that the size is appropriate and it’s vibrancy resistant. It’s easier to choose a wired version because an electrician can embed the electric cables and they won’t present a safety hazard. However, wireless versions are also offered. The wireless indoor volleyball scoreboards can give you ease of use and the controller can move about during the game.

While both indoor and outdoor volleyball scoreboards should be permanent, there are other considerations in an outdoor version. The volleyball scoreboard must be located in a position where it will receive the least weather conditions. It should be water proofed. The better quality scoreboards include an outside cabinet that maintains the wider viewing angles. Assembly should be easy. You will have to make sure that wherever the scoreboard is placed, it complies with state, county, local and team rules and laws. Outdoor volleyball scoreboards are also usually mounted in a cement base. While they are available in both standard and wireless versions, wireless is the best choice as it doesn’t pose any safety hazards for attendees or the team. The worst thing to see are cables running everywhere on the ground. LED wireless offers immediate results of team scores in crisp bright colors. Outdoor volleyball scoreboards will require a bit more maintenance due to the fact that they will need to be cleaned.

Whether you choose indoor or outdoor volleyball scoreboards you need to remember that the fans and team will be viewing it. Choosing a cheap volleyball scoreboard will cost money later when you have to replace parts or if it’s poorly manufactured. It’s a direct reflection of your team. The better the viewing, the more excited everyone will be. Increased attendance is what it’s all about.

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