Ringgold High School: Tigers Basketball Impresses Georgia

Ringgold High School is home of the Tigers, and they never let you forget it. Pride in sportsmanship and teamwork is a main motto at Ringgold High. A walk through the halls will show you right up front that this school offers a wide variety of academic and sports choices for the students. The welcoming southern charm should not fool you, because these people are serious about their basketball.

Ringgold Georgia was originally Cherokee land. In 1803, the Cherokee nation agreed to allow the Ringgold area to be used for a Federal Highway. Ringgold was believed to have carried an original name of Cross Roads. Later, it was named after Major Sam Ringgold, who was the first officer of any rank to die in the Battle of the Mexican War. Ringgold is proud of the heritage, rich history and diverse culture that encompass Native Americans and the Scotch-Irish immigrants that moved there in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. From the Civil War to the addition of the Chickamauga Creek walk that meanders through the historic downtown district, a visit to Ringgold Georgia is a trip of beauty of the past to the present.

There’s a lot of sports competition between all of the high schools in Georgia. Sports is a popular area to support their teams and bring the community together. At any game you won’t just see the fellow students in attendance, but also the teachers, parents and many of the alumni. Local businesses offer sponsorship because they are sometimes alumni and know the importance of backing the teams.

Local newspapers and reporters in the Ringgold area have a plethora of articles on the intensity and success of the Ringgold High School basketball team. Whether it’s a home game or away, the fans flock to the support of the players. The excitement is catching, as you watch each play and the ups and downs of the game. Ringgold High School Basketball Coach, Greg Elkins, can always be seen, viewing his team with intensity and offering encouragement and advice to the members. He asks his team to “play hard” and winning might not always be there, “but when you beat your rival, especially in a sub region game, it’s huge.”

As a small town, Ringgold Georgia offers the best in hospitality and down home charm. Ringgold High School combines the friendliness with the art of sportsmanship and competition and takes it to the next level. There is a sense of pride in basketball that each of the players feel. Knowing you have the school and community ‘at your back’ spurs the team on to play their very best. They are impressive and it won’t be a surprise if quite a few of the team go on to use their talents in the professional sports world. The positive attitude and excellence can be attributed to the support and encouragement of Ringgold High School and the Ringgold community. Another example of the success of the ‘it takes a village’ concept.

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