Basketball Spirit of Fitzgerald High School in Georgia

Fitzgerald High School is in the city of Fitzgerald in Georgia and deep in the heart of some of the finest sports around. Purple Hurricanes team and their athletics program is definitely something to be proud of. Kids from ninth grade through twelfth grade can choose from football, track and field, baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, wrestling, weightlifting, tennis, competitive cheerleading, and golf. But when it comes to the topic of basketball, the spirit of Fitzgerald High School simply rises above the rest.

Principal Randy Garret and Superintendant Nancy Whidden are incredibly proud of all of their teams, but especially proud of the basketball team. This year, one of their finest basketball players, Keyanna Mitchell, signed a basketball scholarship with Georgia Southwestern State University in Americus. Their cheerleading team has won regional titles for eight straight years with a 1st place in the 2005 State Championship. With the top cheerleaders spurring the teams on, it’s no wonder that Fitzgerald High School has such great team spirit!

Fitzgerald High School is a school that produces some of the best sports professionals every year. Local newspapers always have headlines of the winning teams and players at Fitzgerald. It’s not a surprise that that the Basketball spirit of Fitzgerald High School is at the top of the list.

The teachers at Fitzgerald put extra effort in helping the students do their best. Many of the kids are focused on sports, but with the help of the administrative staff, they make sure that their academics are as much of a priority.

Basketball is an incredibly popular sport at Fitzgerald. Parents, teachers and alumni will all be seen in the stands to promote and cheer the team on. The team members also know that their friends are out there, watching every move and hold their breath as each play is made.

Part of the success of Fitzgerald High School is in its diversity. The students are made up of an eclectic group, varied in background and ethnicity. Finding this kind of balance is a rarity, and the students support and promote each other and their teams. The evidence of their spirit is seen in the halls. There is an electric feeling that permeates the school just before a game. Everyone is not only ready, but eagerly looking forward to attending.

The real lesson of school, learning and teamwork is an obvious mainstream priority at Fitzgerald High School. Many students go on to become teachers and return to their home school to carry on the tradition.

The athletic department at Fitzgerald can only be described as completely devoted. Coach Mike West and his crew work diligently to instill a winning attitude and team ethics. This is paramount for the students because they will carry these lessons well into their lives after they leave.

In an era when so many kids have an apathetic attitude towards learning and school, Fitzgerald High School stands out as one of the most concerned. The never-give-up attitude permeates throughout the school and has helped many as a major lesson in life.

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