Cairo High School Basketball in Cairo, Georgia

Cairo Georgia has a unique history. First, the name is pronounced as Ka-row, not the same pronunciation as the city in Egypt. It was called the ‘syrup city’ because of the production of Karo Syrup. The sweet concoction was reflected in the high school when they coined Syrupmaker Band for their high school band. The name caught on as the football team was also named the Syrupmakers. Thankfully, they didn’t carry the themes further with other products that were made included pickles and butter. Eventually, fans and students alike demanded a name change for their local sports teams and they settled on maids for girl’s teams and makers for boys teams.
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Basketball Spirit of Fitzgerald High School in Georgia

Fitzgerald High School is in the city of Fitzgerald in Georgia and deep in the heart of some of the finest sports around. Purple Hurricanes team and their athletics program is definitely something to be proud of. Kids from ninth grade through twelfth grade can choose from football, track and field, baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, wrestling, weightlifting, tennis, competitive cheerleading, and golf. But when it comes to the topic of basketball, the spirit of Fitzgerald High School simply rises above the rest.
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