Lee County High School Trojans Baseball Team Stays on Top of Region 1-AAAA

Anyone that has ever been to Leesburg Georgia knows about The Trojans baseball team at Lee County High School. The distinctive red, white and black colors and the team logo can be seen at every turn. The people of Leesburg are proud of their baseball team, and rightly so. The Trojans continue their winning spree and remain on Top of Region 1-AAAA.

Georgia is one of the most gracious states in America. Warm hospitality, friendly neighborhood charm and beautiful country sides. Whether you are in the city or the country, the food is prepared with love and perfection. Georgia is also known, of course, for their peaches, the Georgia red clay and for having some of the most loyal sports fans that can be found.

The icon for Lee County High School Baseball team is the Trojan. Trojans were known for their strength, agility, pride and most of all their incredible intelligence and martial knowledge. The symbol of the Trojan appears throughout the school. Coach Rob Williams has selected some of the best for the team. They play baseball the way it is supposed to be played and you would be hard pressed to find members that support each other so well.

The walls of sports alumni at Lee County High School look like a who’s who in sports. Starting in 1955, Merritt Renew, Milwaukee Braves; 1979, Ralph Bryant, LA Dodgers and Kintetsu Buffalos; 1981, Dave Banks, NY Yankees and Houston Astros; 1982, Eddie Dixon, Montreal Epos and Pittsburg Pirates; 1991, Steven Walker, Chicago Cubs; 1995, Brain Barfield, St. Louis Cardinals; 2002, Jason Burdette, Oakland A’s; 2003, Kellen Ludwig, San Francisco Giants; 2008, Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants.

They must be doing something right, because Lee County High School has a lot to be proud of! The focus is not just on athletics, but also on scholastic achievement and the arts. The core vision of the school system reinforces the concept that all students have importance, worth and dignity. Their message is that education should provide a foundation by which students become productive members of society and who are responsible for their own behavior.

Parents, teachers, alumni and sponsors are always seen in the bleachers. Once you are a Trojan fan, you are a fan for life. No matter where you go in life, the lessons are well taught for honor and loyalty. It’s not uncommon to see many former students and Trojan team players cheering for their home team. Time doesn’t seemed to have passed, because they are yelling with the same excitement that they have always had.

If you find yourself in Leesburg Georgia and you see the lights in the baseball field on, don’t be surprised if everyone from the town is there. Stop by and join the fun. This is America’s favorite sport played at it’s best at Lee County High School. You will feel like you just came home.

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