Pinewood Christian Bellville, Georgia: History of Pinewood Football

  • Pinewood Christian High School has a long history of football tradition and excellence
  • The Pinewood Christian Patriots made it to the playoffs last season, and hope to go all the way next year
  • A new electronic scoreboard has helped encourage victory from the football team here

Pinewood Christian, a high school which is located in Bellville, Georgia, has a long history when it comes to football. This school has been known for the excellent football program and teams, and for the terrific coaches as well, and this is a tradition that the current Pinewood Christian Patriots plan to continue. Last season the team went all the way to the playoffs, and their goal for next season is to go one step further, and take the school all the way to the ultimate victory. To show school spirit and support for the Patriots, a new electronic Football Scoreboard 3530 was purchased and installed by the high school. This equipment improvement has given a lot of benefits back for the reasonable initial cost, and helped to encourage the team to give the games their best moves. Many schools have invested in new football scoreboards and other equipment for many reasons. These upgrades will attract more sports fans, and help the events to generate more revenue for the facility and athletic department. Coach Keith Wasson has helped to make the Patriots a great team, and next season may show him taking them all the way to the top.

The first game of the season last year showed that the Patriots have no problem taking the initiative n moving the ball down the field. They played Toombs Christian Academy, and the scoreboards were going crazy until the final score of thirty three to zero, with the Patriots taking the win. The next game was against Bullock Academy, and this was also a win for Pinewood Christian High School at twenty one to seven. The next three games were losses though, and the Patriots were defeated by Southland Academy, Deerfield-Windsor, and Memorial Day High School. When Pinewood Christian High School played Walton Academy they broke the losing streak, and won the game with the scoreboard showing twenty eight to twenty four. The game against Stratford Academy was the only big loss, because the Patriots were shut out and had zero points compared to forty two for Stratford when the game was finished. This game was the last loss for the Patriots until the playoffs. They won thirty four to sixteen against Trinity Christian, thirty three to seventeen against Milledge Academy, and thirty three to thirteen against Gatewood. The Patriots also won their first playoff game, which was with Mount Vernon Presbyterian, and the score was thirty four to nineteen. They lost their second playoff game, seven to thirty three, against Westfield High School.

At Pinewood Christian High School, football is a very popular sport, and it has always been that way since the school was first started. Sports fans, visitors, and alumni come from far away to watch their orange and green Patriots make the scoreboard light up when they take over the field. Whenever a game is being played the students and fans are not shy about showing their encouragement and cheering on the Patriots. It is common to hear fans yell or to see them stomp and clamp when the team is winning or needs encouragement from the stands. The improvements made by the school have made the football team and students proud, and this pride is going to carry the Patriots far next season. They are very motivated to help keep the history of football greatness alive and well in the current day, and with some practice and luck next year may be the season when the Pinewood Christian High School football team takes it all. There are a number of very talented players on the team, and they all work very well together on the field towards the common goal of success.

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