GSA Advantage!

  • GSA Advantage is an online superstore for government entities at all levels.
  • Electro-Mech is a proud contractor for GSA Advantage, offering low prices to public agencies.

GSA Advantage has been around for more than half a century, and is still going strong because of everything this online superstore has to offer. GSA Advantage is a program that allows the public to access services and products that are offered by federal contractors. A membership is required but there is no cost, and all federal, state, and local government entities can really benefit from using this program. There are millions of services and products that can be found at GSA Advantage, and they cover a wide spectrum and variety of industries. The mission of this store is to assist agencies who offer assistance to the public. The products and services offered are available at terrific low prices, because they are offered by federal contractors at a government discount and negotiated rate. This program and superstore with online convenience offers the lowest prices and the best access possible to services and products which are being updated and added to every day.

The products that can be found at GSA Advantage include many sectors and industries. Building materials and industrial products are available, as are furniture and home furnishing. There are products from hospitality, cleaning supplies, chemicals, electronics and IT technology and solutions. There are even vehicles and watercraft available, and equipment used by police department, fire departments, and security personnel. Medical, laboratory, and scientific equipment and products can also be found at GSA Advantage. With millions of products and services to choose from, it is no wonder that many government entities belong to the GSA Advantage. There is no cost to members who use this online store, and the savings seen can be used to purchase more supplies, instead of paying more for less. Any government entity or organization can benefit from belonging to this program, and it allows them to offer more assistance to the communities that they serve, with a smaller budget needed.

GSA Advantage has been serving communities for more than fifty years, and in all this time the company has stayed true to their mission. They offer prices which are GSA negotiated, so they are much lower than retail store prices or even wholesale prices many times. Members have access to a one stop shopping exchange, where everything needed is available. This government online supplier has everything that could be possibly required for almost any project or endeavor. There are also many services that can be found with GSA Advantage. These include fleet service, office services, travel and transportation, security and professional services, and even credit cards and property disposal. The online interface is easy to use and very convenient, and a number of different government payment methods are accepted.

Electro-Mech, electronic scoreboards manufacturer, is proud to be associated with GSA Advantage as a GSA contractor. Both organizations have a strong commitment to the community, and to making the conditions in the community better. Both Electro-Mech and GSA Advantage offer high quality products at the lowest possible prices, and excellent customer service. Because of the views, goals, and missions that are shared by the two entities, it just makes sense for Electro-Mech and GSA Advantage to be connected and associated. Both are high quality companies that strive to lower prices for the public without lowering their product standards, and both have been in business for decades so they are a trusted name in their fields and industries.

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