Diamond Baseball of Lower Richland High School in Hopkins, SC

Great Things Come From Lower Richland. That’s the school motto and it is ever so true. Lower Richland High School in Hopkins South Carolina is a PBIS School (Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies) which means they focus on the whole student in supporting their learning and social skill development. In a time when people are busier than the hours of the day can hold, Lower Richland High School has given their fellow students a reason to be passionate about school and sports: baseball. Their Diamond baseball teams, in the rich black and gold colors create an excitement about the game. The attention is rightly deserved; the boy’s baseball team has achieved the Region V Championship for five years running.

Hopkins South Carolina is located almost in the center of the state and is home to the only State Park in South Carolina: Congaree National Park. The beauty of the area is displayed in grand style, with people visiting from all over the country. Congaree National Park has been designated an international Biosphere, received the highly coveted Globally Important Bird Area, and is the people of South Carolina are proud to say that it is a Nation Natural Landmark.

The kids that attend Lower Richland High School have an excellent blend of studies and sports. Everyone gathers together to make sure that they have a great crowd at each baseball game. Whether a home game or away, the stands are filled. Nothing says ‘we are here for you’ than everyone you know being present at the game. From the first crack of the ball to the last homerun, students, school staff and parents have their eyes on the team and the . The players get an incredible amount of support from the sponsors as well. Every game there are different names and logos on the baseball scoreboards, to show who has their back and route the team on. There’s something about spring training and the warmth of a stadium that brings the best out in all of us. Baseball is and always will be the American sport.

Lower Richland High School has the Diamond Team as well as the Lady Diamonds. On any given day, you can see that these kids love the game, because they are all wearing some kind of team color set. Black and gold and a diamond insignia is the branding that they want to be known by. The game rosters and schedules are posted everywhere for all to see. Coordinating game attendance for an away game is like a fine art. Teachers, school staff, parents, kids and local business people all want to be there for the team. Booster Clubs work with the partnerships of the area industries and everyone turns out.

The people of Hopkins know they have winning baseball teams. They are proud of their kids and, it looks like the championship awards will just keep on coming. The students at Lower Richland High School have proven that baseball is alive and well in South Carolina, and in America.

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