High Quality Baseball from Young Harris College Team

Young Harris College is hot on baseball. To say that they have taken the nations sport to the next level is quite simply, an understatement. Young Harris College is known for excellence in learning, but, by far, they are also known for their Mountain Lions team.

The town of Young Harris is named to honor Judge Young L.G. Harris; the benefactor of Young Harris College (originally named McTyeire Institute). Located almost at the very northeast corner of the State of Georgia, this population 600+ town is power packed with enthusiasm and support of the college. The beauty of the countryside is awe inspiring. Generous mountains, beautiful lakes and the enchantment of nature have made Young Harris a popular vacation and rest area.

Young Harris College is the main focus of the town, and every business supports their efforts and teams. Every headline displays the incredible power of the baseball teams. From the signing of seven incoming freshmen with scholarship offers to the final season closing of 39-17 overall record, this place is hopping with baseball fever. At the games, all eyes are on the and they are watched like hawks.

The school proudly displays their motto: educate, inspire, empower. This motto is apparent in every aspect of the school program. They offer a wide variety of educational and sports choices for the students, and the students come through with high marks in all areas. Sports include: basketball, soccer, golf, soccer, tennis, softball, cross country. Teams for both men and women, some of Georgia’s finest.

Absolute, undying support is seen and heard everywhere you go in the area. The Diamond Club has been established to help support the Young Harris College baseball team. Live game reports are available with up to the minute scores on WYHJ and replays are available on the net via video thanks to YHCAthletics.com. It doesn’t stop there; Facebook and Twitter links offer comments and information from fans and participants alike. Baseball scoreboards contain sponsor information and the sponsors are lined up to support.

It’s always great to back a winning team, but the fans of Young Harris College Mountain Lions will always be there for their team, no matter what the outcome. They are there to cheer the team on during a winning game and offer words of encouragement when the results are not as good. Community bonding is strong here, and it is not surprising that games are attended by students, parents, teachers staff and the alumni of the school.

The beauty of the Young Harris countryside is counter matched with the high level energy and excitement of baseball. Young Harris College offers the best of all worlds and the people of the area are proud of the team that represents them in the national sport. Time after time, Young Harris College has produced high scores in all facets of life. Their baseball team can compete with the best and come out on top. Maybe it’s the smaller town community link that is their secret. Keep your ear on the radio and your eyes on the net, the Mountain Lions are a force to be reckoned with.

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