Football in Buford High School in Buford, GA. Go Wolves!

If you are reading a local newspaper in the Buford Georgia area or listening to the local radio station, you may notice the incredible pride of the Buford High School football team. They are in the news everywhere and on every radio program. The Buford Wolves have attained their third straight state championship title and sixth in the 2000’s. If you take a look at the on this team, you will see winning numbers.

It’s astounding that some of America’s smaller Southern towns produce such incredible football players. Years ago, Buford was originally called “The Leather City” because it was home to an historic tannery. The town put in a bid to become the lunch stop on the then new Atlanta and Richmond Air Line Railway. When they won the position, they named the town after the company’s President, Algernon S. Buford. Since then, Buford has grown into a wonderful expression of Southern grace and is home to the Buford Artists Colony. When you stroll down historic Main Street, you are simply taken by the Antiques and Arts district. One would never think that this lovely town is home to some of the hottest football players around.

Buford High School has made a name for itself in both academics and sports. Since the year 2000, fifty three student-athletes have been offered scholarships. But it’s the football that has taken the town by storm. One might think that Georgia’s largest shopping center, The Mall of Georgia, would be the main attraction in Buford. Instead, you see the fans and students at each of the games, more people than you thought might live in the area. All eyes tuned to the football scoreboards.

Head Coach Jess Simpson has led the way for an incredible winning record. Coach Simpson’s overall record is 54-2 and a winning percentage of 96%. You can bet the local business people know this. They line up as sponsors and the support that they offer can be seen at every game on the football scoreboards. The student athletes have the backing of the entire school, and even their mothers! The Moms Huddle are football moms that work with each other for the good of the team. All parents are involved in fundraisers and promoting good team attitude with spring training and summer camps.

Buford High School offers an array of sports for the students to choose from: baseball, cheerleading, soccer, tennis, volley ball, swimming, cross country, golf, boy’s basketball and the Lady Wolves basketball, softball, track & field, and wrestling. All students involved in sports maintain good grade averages; the parents and teachers see to that.

While Buford is a lovely expression of one of the friendliest Southern towns in the U.S., they are fiercely defendant of the Buford High School football team. It’s refreshing to see people that have such a passion and create an environment of excellence for the students. If you are playing against the Buford High School Wolves, keep your eyes on the fans and the football scoreboards; and don’t every underestimate them.

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