Football Fever in Decatur High School of Decatur, Georgia

  • In Decatur, Georgia, football fever happens every year during the football season
  • Decatur High School recently installed a new electronic scoreboard for the fans, students, and players
  • The Decatur High School Bulldogs may not be rated number one, but many fans follow the team loyally

Football fever may sound like a humorous affliction, but in Georgia and other states this is what happens during football season every single year. At Decatur High School in Decatur, Georgia, the Bulldogs football team understands this fever, and they try to play their best every single game. The last season was not the best that the Bulldogs have had, with only three wins and a total of seven losses, but the next season will hopefully see the team more focused and game oriented. Decatur High School recently purchased and installed a new electronic football scoreboard 3530 to help motivate the team and bring in more sports fans, from the local area and farther away. The colors used for this equipment can be customized for a number of different looks, and the colors the school chose look very inviting. The large display windows make it easy for sports fans to follow all of the action and understand what is happening. New equipment, like scoreboards and other items that improve the appearance and attraction of the facilities, are a great way to bring in extra revenue and sports fans. This investment has initial costs that may be recovered in a short period, and after that the additional money coming in can be used to make other improvements for the athletes, and the other students as well.

The Decatur Bulldogs are a team that understands football fever, and so do the fans who come to watch this team play. Even though the last few seasons may not have been the greatest for this school, the loyal fans still turned out at every game, just to encourage the team and watch the game being played. During football season here in Georgia there are very few things that are more important to many of the residents. At first during the last season it looked like the Bulldogs had gotten off to a great start, with a complete shutout against Druid Hills and a win at Avondale, with the final score twenty seven to zero. The next three games ended in a loss for the Bulldogs, and the scoreboards reflected this. When they played against Buford, Decatur High School ended up being the football team shut out, and this loss tung with a score of zero to thirty one. The very next game played, against Cross Keys, showed the Bulldogs had bounced back and were on top of their game again. The scoreboard showed a final score of fifty six to zero, with the sports fans going wild in the stands. The next two events would be losses, against Greater Atlanta Christian and Westminster, leaving the team disappointed. The second game of the season played at Avondale was a big victory, and the score was forty seven to twenty one after the game ended.

The Decatur High School Bulldogs and their fans understand football fever very well. When fall days hit, the fans start getting ready to go to the football games at the school. Even on cold evenings or when rain hits, Bulldogs visitors and sports fans are a very loyal group that show up in any type of weather. When it is football season in Georgia, and many other areas around the United States, this sport takes on an importance that is almost fanatic. It does not matter whether the Bulldogs won or lost the last game, or the last season. The sports fans and student body at Decatur High School will show up every time the team plays, to show their support and enjoy the action. Since the school installed the new scoreboard, the number of visitors during the football games has gone up.

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