The greatest woman player in the history of college softball

Monica Abbott is generally considered the greatest player in the history of college softball. And it was clear from her earliest years that she had the skills that would lead her to greatness.
Her high school career was incredible. She went to Salinas High School in California, where in the three seasons spent there, the softball scoreboards showed that her average was 300 or more strikeouts per season. She was the master at making elite high school batters look average in the process. In her junior season, she pitched no less than seven perfect games.
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Outdoor Premium Electronic Softball Scoreboards

Each sport varies slightly from the next while maintaining similarities. There are similarities between football, baseball and basketball, speaking strictly from generalities such as competition between two teams. Football and basketball share a bit more with alternative methods of scoring and also having a secondary time clock to speed up a game. Baseball has a more closely related sport in Softball, where the rules remain very similar as do the methods of play. The biggest differences in softball are in the pitching, equipment and field dimensions. Even though the differences are relatively minor compared to say the differences in basketball and soccer, they are enough to force someone to pay attention to them when designing a facility to accomodate softball teams.
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Baseball Scoreboards and Softball Scoreboards Types Review

  • Smart people research. There are several types of sports scoreboards out there, varying by model type, power source, size, portability and price
  • A balance between all of your needs is the most essential part of the decision making process for choosing equipment
  • Going cheap may look good on a balance sheet, but what about to the people who have to stare at the board during a game
  • A cheap electronic scoreboard that isn’t visible on a bright day does little good for advertising or score keeping

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