Baseball Scoreboards and Softball Scoreboards Types Review

  • Smart people research. There are several types of out there, varying by model type, power source, size, portability and price
  • A balance between all of your needs is the most essential part of the decision making process for choosing equipment
  • Going cheap may look good on a balance sheet, but what about to the people who have to stare at the board during a game
  • A cheap electronic scoreboard that isn’t visible on a bright day does little good for advertising or score keeping

Some things to take into consideration when surveying for a purchase on a baseball scoreboard or a softball scoreboard are:

– Expense budget
– Size of the field and visibility
– Proper display for the sport
– Information displayed visible in all environments the sport will be played in
– Durability

Depending on the level of play, the scoreboard choice may vary. Little league baseball will not benefit from an indoor baseball scoreboard built for a sell out crowd of 80,000 people, when they play in a park behind the recreational center.

Also, the baseball scoreboards will be of a different size than when taking into consideration the field of play, with fast pitch softball being 46 feet from mound to plate compared to 60 feet in baseball. Softball scoreboards are also not as lucrative for advertising space as a baseball scoreboard due to simple popularity of the different sports.

Most and softball scoreboards used today are LED lit with variations in size, style and overall wow factor.

Digital LED Stadium Sports Scoreboards
Digital screens give the greatest exposure for advertisement as well as overall wow appeal. These are mainly only seen in large stadiums at the college or professional level, and they vary greatly in terms of versatility, with some even being movable screens.

LED Fixed
Most high schools now will be using LED scoreboards, with fixed bulb boards on the way out. LED’s last much longer than individual bulbs as well as giving a sharper image to numbers and greater visibility. They also use far less power and generate less heat.

LED Portable Electronic Scoreboards
Used mainly for little league, these boards are similar in structure and design to fixed boards, just smaller. These boards can mount on fences and be transported easily, and cost far less than a digital or fixed version. The only hassle is usually fixing the board to a surface and transportation.

Solar Powered LED Digit Assembly Sports Scoreboards
These are also used for little leagues but don’t fix to a surface. Powered by the sun, these boards are the most energy efficient baseball scoreboard available for low budget events. There have even been some developments in the digital LED baseball scoreboards that utilize solar energy to power themselves and have batteries to keep functioning after dark.

Individual needs for the baseball scoreboards or softball scoreboards are the most important thing to consider. If you’re looking for advertising space, scoreboards provide an excellent surface to get the word out there about your company, and exposure is the name of the game in advertising. The back of Fenway Park’s scoreboard is an obvious example of advertising ability, with the giant mural spread over the back, facing out of the park for all to see before they enter.

The scoreboard is not just a tool for the game, but an effective tool for business.

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