The Soccer World Cup Winners Throughout History


FIFA established their international competition for soccer in 193, with the games being played every four years. There were two exceptions: due to World War II, the 1942 and 1946 games were not held. Whether you all it soccer or football, the World Cup games have been a frenzy of international excitement, comparable only to the Olympics.

There have been nineteen tournaments held and of these, seventy six nations have participated in the games at least one time, with twelve making it to the final match and eight announced as winners. Over the years, the World Cup has made some major transitions from a more subdued game to a complete world championship competition. Different countries vie for the honor of being the host country for the World Cup and it is considered an important national treasure to be selected as host.
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USA Fans Jump on the Bandwagon to Support the Teams


If anyone was following the World Cup games (and who wasn’t), you may have noticed a drastic change in everyday life. Social media feeds were a blaze with updates, images and favorite team members and business was not quite operating in the same way. USA fans made a quantum leap in the support of their teams and life will never quite be the same.

If you work in an office and that office has a video screen, it might as well be the electronic scoreboard at the World Cup games. IT specialists were busy rigging up the best view for the most staff members and conference rooms quickly became sports bars. Snacks, food and drinks were added to former display tables and even the CEO’s were spending way more time viewing the games than doing work.
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Going Green with Solar Powered Electronic Sports Scoreboards

Scoreboard Solar Power It seems that technology is moving faster than most budgets can keep up with, and this is no more true than in the world of electronic sports scoreboards. In the concept of time, it wasn’t that long ago that old fashioned flip boards were changed out for light bulb scoreboards and then to the more efficient and cost effective LED scoreboards. The latest phase in the efforts of going green have been to make use of solar power for not only the field or stadium, but to power the score boards as well.
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The Next Generation of Electronic Sports Scoreboards: Solar Power

Solar PowerIf you have been to a sports game in any of the stadiums around the country in the last three years, you will probably have noticed an incredible increase in efforts to go green. Due to the intense amount of waste and trash along with the high electrical requirements that occur at every game, many stadiums took the challenge of the green commitment. The most recent adaptation has been the installation of solar power for what started out as powering the high tech LED electronic sports scoreboards, but is now expanding into full on renewable energy for the stadium itself.
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The Introduction of Solar Powered Electronic Sports Scoreboards: Busch Stadium, St Louis, MO

Solar Power ScoreboardThe pride of Missouri is the Busch Stadium in St. Louis and every Cardinals fan will back that up. But the stadium has made the ultimate decision to take their sense of pride into the next level and include a commitment to ‘greening the game’. While the idea is being embraced by many stadiums across the country, Busch Stadium has introduced electronic sports scoreboards that are operated with solar power.

The addition of the Busch Stadium solar power project began in 2012 with the installation of two solar arrays placed on the ticket building roof as well as on top of the left centerfield bleachers canopy in the Ford Family Plaza. This has expanded to a total of 106 solar panels to support the stadium’s electrical needs, resulting in the production of 32,000 kWh per year. Continue reading “The Introduction of Solar Powered Electronic Sports Scoreboards: Busch Stadium, St Louis, MO”

How Have Field Goals Changed to 3-point Expectations for a Game?


It seems that every season brings out a new basketball star or hot team and the bar is getting set higher and higher for the demands. In the past, a team that had an excellent percentage rating in field goals while winning the games was all that mattered. Today’s basketball has become a lot more complicated as fans seem to need better, higher and more 3-point shots.

A field goal measures the overall team effectiveness from a field standpoint. The standard points-scored-per-possession has always been the main theme of the game and author Dean Oliver, in his book “Basketball on Paper” details basketball’s four points: 40% Shooting, 25% Turnovers, 20% Rebounds, 15% Free Throws. The formula that is used was a gauge for a standard game, but the concept of ‘standard’ has made some rather drastic changes in the last few years.
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Miami Heat: Favorite for Field Goals and Everything Basketball


NBA fans usually have their favorites when it comes to their home team, but there is a quickly rising star that is swaying even the most loyal fans to their side. Miami Heat has not only surprised and astounded with their incredible field goal averages (around 55.2%), but they are shooting at an average of 55.1% as a team!

No one ever thought that the record set in 1984-1985 by the Los Angeles Lakers could really be beaten. That season presented one of the most stellar performances by the team, with a 54.5% field goal record. The Lakers were the darlings of the NBA and the fans. While the Lakers tipped the field goal scales, there didn’t seem to be that many attempts at 3-point shots. The 1994-1995 Utah Jazz team appeared to change that trend when they doubled the number of 3-point shots and came incredibly close to matching the Lakers’ record.
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Cumming, Georgia to See Two New Electronic Scoreboards

Cumming, Georgia is the kind of smaller town that makes you catch your breathe. There is a grace and charm that can only be attributed to the south. This is an area where people smile, waive and look you in the eyes when they are talking. There is a sincere interest in folks you speak to and a genuineness that seems to be a rarity these days. There is a calm beauty as you stroll around the streets and the town itself is a fine blend of the love of life, country and nature.
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Cloverdale Getting New Electronic Scoreboard


Cloverdale High School has never been known for sitting around and waiting for things to happen. They are a small community in the heart of America’s Midwest and they live by the solid stability and convictions that has earned this part of the country so much respect. So when it came time to make some decisions on their athletic field and scoreboard, John Butler, Cloverdale Varsity Football Coach came front and center to begin the discussions. It became very apparent that the football team needed a new practice area as well as a goal post and therefore, Mr. Butler came prepared to talk to the school counsel with all of the information needed.
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Southern Pines Adds Electronic Scoreboard for Excellence in Horse Racing

Horse RacingIf you are an equestrian, then you have heard of Southern Pines in North Carolina. They take pride in excellence and have been an established multi-discipline premier equine competition venue. Each year they add something new and exciting and the addition of the electronic scoreboard added just the pizzazz that the fans were looking for.

The beauty of the 250 acres that is often called the ‘field of dreams’ in Hoke County, North Carolina. Surrounded by soft long needle pine trees and gently rolling hills, Southern Pines is home to a number of equestrian competitions and shows as well as dog shows, county festivals, Boy Scout meetings and cross country runs. In a nutshell, everyone loves Southern Pines, simply because it is so beautiful. The location itself is a preservation of everything that represents North Carolina, and the people of the area support the many activities through attendance and sponsorship.
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