Audi Creates the Largest World Cup Scoreboard with 28 Cars

audi scoreboardsAudi made an executive decision that is destined to put them in the hall of fame for genius advertising. The method to their madness involved the understanding that Americans love cars. So their marketing people got together to create a plan to bring together the love of soccer, World Cup broadcasting, the biggest electronic scoreboard ever created and….cars.
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Marketing and Money in an Advertising Presence at the World Cup


I don’t think any of us have a real grasp on the amount of money that is invested and spent in the marketing, advertising and promotions for the World Cup. Each year, FIFA, has a list of partners and corporate sponsors that are some the major big bucks behind the scenes. But the rest of the marketing dollars total into the billions.

In 1984, a World Cup sponsorship jumped from $2,000 to $16,000 in 1996. The major sponsors for that game were Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and Adidas. The sponsors count on the millions of viewers, but the hosting cities also count on the huge influx of fans that will show up to attend and spend. An example is the 1994 World Cup, held in the U.S. This generated $623 million in economic profit for the area. Compare that to 182 million for the Super Bowl.
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The Soccer World Cup Winners Throughout History


FIFA established their international competition for soccer in 193, with the games being played every four years. There were two exceptions: due to World War II, the 1942 and 1946 games were not held. Whether you all it soccer or football, the World Cup games have been a frenzy of international excitement, comparable only to the Olympics.

There have been nineteen tournaments held and of these, seventy six nations have participated in the games at least one time, with twelve making it to the final match and eight announced as winners. Over the years, the World Cup has made some major transitions from a more subdued game to a complete world championship competition. Different countries vie for the honor of being the host country for the World Cup and it is considered an important national treasure to be selected as host.
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USA Fans Jump on the Bandwagon to Support the Teams


If anyone was following the World Cup games (and who wasn’t), you may have noticed a drastic change in everyday life. Social media feeds were a blaze with updates, images and favorite team members and business was not quite operating in the same way. USA fans made a quantum leap in the support of their teams and life will never quite be the same.

If you work in an office and that office has a video screen, it might as well be the electronic scoreboard at the World Cup games. IT specialists were busy rigging up the best view for the most staff members and conference rooms quickly became sports bars. Snacks, food and drinks were added to former display tables and even the CEO’s were spending way more time viewing the games than doing work.
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The 12 host Stadiums in Brazil for the World Cup

World Cup sao pauloThis year’s World Cup has brought about some of the most spectacular venues in FIFA’s history. Brazil has pulled out the red carpet in creating twelve host stadiums that can only be described as over-the-top. With a main focus on ecology and renewable/sustainable energy, these stadiums have demonstrated that Brazil knows how to throw a party, while still respecting nature.

Sao Paulo’s Arena De Sao Paulo: Seating capacity is set at 65,807, however, 20,000 of these are temporary seats that were added solely for the World Cup games. 269 miles from Rio, this stadium is nestled on a plateau in the southeast on the Atlantic Coast, it is the home of the Corinthians.
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The Top 3 Goals Ever Scored In a World Cup

The Top 3 Goals Ever Scored In A World Cup

Ever wondered why soccer is such an exciting and popular global sport? It’s almost like football; only without the padding and that it’s played with the feet instead of the hands. Other than that, they are almost the same; the physical contacts (Zidane’s head bud!) and going behind enemy lines to score! However, as football is more about brute force, soccer is more about skill and touch. Scoring a goal is very difficult, but when it happens it is one of the best moments in any sport. Here is a soccer scoreboards list of the top 3 goals ever to be scored in the World Cup and the players who scored them.
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Diego Forlan, the best player in the 2010 World Cup, was considered a big failure in England.

Diego Forlan has won the coveted Golden Boot award as he was considered by experts as being the best player of the World Cup 2010. In almost every game he played in, the soccer scoreboards showed his name, as he scored in almost every game he played in. In addition, he was one of the few players who managed to consistently control the infamously bad “Jubiliani” ball.
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