Electro-Mech Scoreboard Coating Gives Extra Protection for the Outdoors

scoreboards-coverIt is kind of understood that an outdoor electronic scoreboard is going to take a beating. Mother Nature has an array of weather conditions that she will throw at a scoreboard: extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme temperature changes, rain, wind, dust, dirt and ice. The importance of a high grade, high quality conformal coating on a scoreboard offers protection and longevity in a number of ways.
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Electro-Mech Sports Scoreboards are ETL Tested and Approved

You may have seen the ‘ETL’ logo on products but may not be aware of the actual testing and approval process that goes into getting approved. All Electro-Mech products are tested and receive flying passing colors through the ETL safety process, and this is an important consideration when choosing a reliable and quality sports scoreboard.

The ETL Mark on your electronic scoreboard proves that the product has passed rigorous testing processes for safety and efficiency. The ETL safety checking service actually began during the time of Thomas Edison. The testing process was established in the Edison labs to ensure that the products passed all safety factors and were of a level of quality to produce on the market. The ETL service has continued to this day and is an international testing, inspection and certification organization.
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LED Scoreboards bring return on investment through electric bill savings

The term ‘LED’ has entered mainstream dialogue and almost everyone is familiar with it. However, most people don’t really know what ‘LED’ lighting really is, how it works and most importantly, how it can bring big time savings in the electric bill. This is of special importance when you are talking about the subject of larger LED sports scoreboards, where an electric bill impact could reduce a budget or the savings could bring extra money where it is needed.
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Top 10 Scoreboard and Billboard Costly Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

The key to successful advertising is knowing your target audience and timing, timing, timing. Sports scoreboard and billboard marketing can be one of the best (or worst) investments, depending upon your message and timing.

Sports marketing is a completely unique concept in that the advertiser has a trapped audience for the duration of the game. Typically that can be from two to four hours, which is unlike any other form of advertising. While our society does not readily accept commercials on television, we are far more receptive to advertising from sponsors at sporting events. This can quickly turn sour if the advertising is mismatched or timed badly.
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Importance of Advertising Signs at Sports Events

Advertising and sponsorship helps to pay for the cost of the stadium, the teams and to keep the price of the tickets for each fan to a lower rate. Without advertising, there literally would not be any games or at least anything that the average person could attend.

Marketing and advertising is a critical part of the overall sports stadium and team support. Advertisers and sponsors know that they have a trapped audience to pitch their name and brand and that most of the fans are not only in a spending-mood, but appreciate the sponsors that take care of their favorite teams. The cost of building and maintaining a stadium is never covered in the price of the average ticket, but through the income that they receive from advertisers. It is a symbiotic relationship that assists in keeping a balance.
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Why it’s Better to Buy Scoreboards Manufactures in the USA Instead of Shopping for Scoreboards Made in China

Let’s face the facts, everyone is on a budget when it comes to choosing an electronic scoreboard. In most cases, there is quite a group of people involved in watching over the money spent and the decision is often based on investigation and results supplied by just a few individuals. The pressure may be on to purchase the cheapest electronic scoreboard, and sometimes that means looking at those made in China. But buyer beware. There is a massive downside to buying a cheap scoreboard from a foreign country that could cost you a lot more in the long run.
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Lightning and Severe Weather Warnings Broadcasts on Scoreboards

When you have thousands of people gathered in an open outdoor venue, surrounded by a lot of metallic objects, it can be a recipe for a massive weather disaster that could potentially kill hundreds. This was a topic of discussion at the University of Maryland for NOAA’s lightning and safety workshop. Based on the lightning strikes that hit and killed over fifty people in two different arenas in India and China, decisions needed to be made on protecting fans and players during some of Mother Nature’s most volatile weather.

The science of lightning can be complex, as lightning bolts can hit in a range of over ten miles from the main storm and can measure at 200,000 amps, 300,000,000 volts with a heat measurement at over 60,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightning explodes concrete out of sidewalks, blows out bricks and devastates large trees. The threat for sports venues is real and the group needed to develop a method of protection for outdoor venues.
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America’s Top Video Scoreboards

Technology is racing by at a lightning pace, with consumers demanding bigger, better, flashier and more pizzazz. Sports fans seem to be at the core as they want to experience in-stadium with the same glitz, glamour and color that they get on their home sets. Manufacturers of video scoreboards have kept pace with the requirements as they bring sports enthusiasts off the couch and into the stadiums with scoreboards that create the wow-factor. The list may change as competition increases, but here are some of America’s top video scoreboards.

One would think that the top ratings for electronic scoreboards in sports might go to football or baseball, but in reality the top three in the country are dedicated to automotive and horse racing.

Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC is home to the NASCAR Auto Racing. Their video scoreboard measures 16,000 square feet.
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Audi Creates the Largest World Cup Scoreboard with 28 Cars

audi scoreboardsAudi made an executive decision that is destined to put them in the hall of fame for genius advertising. The method to their madness involved the understanding that Americans love cars. So their marketing people got together to create a plan to bring together the love of soccer, World Cup broadcasting, the biggest electronic scoreboard ever created and….cars.
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Marketing and Money in an Advertising Presence at the World Cup


I don’t think any of us have a real grasp on the amount of money that is invested and spent in the marketing, advertising and promotions for the World Cup. Each year, FIFA, has a list of partners and corporate sponsors that are some the major big bucks behind the scenes. But the rest of the marketing dollars total into the billions.

In 1984, a World Cup sponsorship jumped from $2,000 to $16,000 in 1996. The major sponsors for that game were Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and Adidas. The sponsors count on the millions of viewers, but the hosting cities also count on the huge influx of fans that will show up to attend and spend. An example is the 1994 World Cup, held in the U.S. This generated $623 million in economic profit for the area. Compare that to 182 million for the Super Bowl.
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