Why it’s Better to Buy Scoreboards Manufactures in the USA Instead of Shopping for Scoreboards Made in China

Let’s face the facts, everyone is on a budget when it comes to choosing an electronic . In most cases, there is quite a group of people involved in watching over the money spent and the decision is often based on investigation and results supplied by just a few individuals. The pressure may be on to purchase the cheapest electronic scoreboard, and sometimes that means looking at those made in China. But buyer beware. There is a massive downside to buying a cheap scoreboard from a foreign country that could cost you a lot more in the long run.

When considering the purchase of an electronic scoreboard for your school, stadium or venue, keep in mind the old adage of you-get-what-you-pay-for. To begin with, foreign countries such as China, do not follow the same manufacturing guidelines and requirements that are used in America. Made in the USA scoreboard manufacturers abide by a set of quality rules that meet the standards. This means that the scoreboard that you purchase has undergone rigorous requirements and passed with flying colors, using quality materials that are of the highest standard.

Foreign country manufacturers of electronic sports scoreboards are not aware of the legal ramifications involved in the installation of a sports scoreboard. Every state, county and locale has a variety of zoning and construction laws that an installer must comply with. American scoreboard manufacturers, such as , have specialists that work to accommodate the requirements so that each installation is a success.

The purchase of an electronic scoreboard is a major decision and there are often a field of questions and situations. Contact for scoreboard Customer Service and Support should be easy, with people that speak your language, and within the continent. Halting an installation while you wait for a response can be costly and errors can go so far as to bring the entire construction to a halt or worse yet, require dismantling. An American manufacturer, such as Electro-Mech is available to ensure that each step of the construction is validated and works with local licensed contractors that are experienced in the needs of your scoreboard.

Basing a purchase decision on years of expertise and many U.S. installations is an important factor. Many of the foreign scoreboard companies do not have the kind of experience that an American manufacturer such as Electro-Mech has. Buying a lesser quality scoreboard from China might appear to be appealing, but you do not want your school, stadium or venue to be an experiment.

An electronic scoreboard is an investment and as such, should also offer longevity in appearance. Foreign made electronic scoreboards often begin to have a worn and shabby look after a very short time duration. Since the scoreboard is a reflection on your teams or school, you want the scoreboard appearance to continue to be sharp for years.

The reasons to buy from an American scoreboard manufacturer are many, but most of all, you should consider a quality product, from a company that you can count on.

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