Electro-Mech Scoreboard Coating Gives Extra Protection for the Outdoors

scoreboards-coverIt is kind of understood that an outdoor electronic is going to take a beating. Mother Nature has an array of weather conditions that she will throw at a scoreboard: extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme temperature changes, rain, wind, dust, dirt and ice. The importance of a high grade, high quality conformal on a scoreboard offers protection and longevity in a number of ways.

Electro-Mech takes pride in ensuring each of the outdoor scoreboards have the best quality conformal coating. Precise applications on specific circuit areas ensure the protection from environmental damage to outdoor LED displays. Protecting the LED’s may also assist in brighter and richer colors as well as taking care of the sensitive electronics. There are a number of areas that conformal coating assists the longevity of your electronic scoreboard:

Protection from Chemicals:
Conformal coating for LED’s protects them from any kind of chemicals or solvents that they may come in contact with. In addition, it offers salt protection, which is a common occurrence in sports stadiums where the product may come in contact with human body sweat or other byproducts.

Resistance from Moisture:
Sensitive electronics and computer boards can quickly lose integrity, including rust, when exposed to moisture. A conformal coating that is thickly applied will provide the extra insurance to keep out moisture from rain or mist.

Ultraviolet Resistance:
While LEDs are sturdy, many types do have sensitivity to UV rays from the sun. Over a period of time the LED will gradually have a reduction in light output and color and will gradually turn yellow. Conformal coating of the LED electronics will aid in the longevity as well as maintain the bright, brilliant colors.

Insulation of Electrical Components:
Applying a conformal coating to the back of the LED electronics will seal the actual components from each other. This dielectric ability assists in the reduction of potential short circuiting that might occur if parts shift or if conductive materials come in contact with the board.

Maintaining Optical Integrity:
The light, thin conformal coating that is applied to LED is optically transparent to the visible light and may also be transparent to invisible light. The added protection of the conformal coating allows protection of the LED so that it can display without the risk of distortion or glare which may occur if glass enclosures are present.

Controlling Tin Whisker Development:
Tin Whiskers are tiny amounts of conductive bridges made out of tin that slowly grow on any surface that is tin-coating. These can be the cause of short circuits. Conformal coating of both the electronics components and the LEDs help to keep out Tin Whisker development through encapsulation of growth via a dielectric barrier and multiple conformal coating barriers.

The Electro-Mech conformal coating is a high priority process for each of the electronic scoreboards, and ensures that the scoreboard continues to operate and function at optimum status. Electro-Mech wants your scoreboard to be at its best throughout every game.

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