Electro-Mech Sports Scoreboards are ETL Tested and Approved

You may have seen the ‘’ logo on products but may not be aware of the actual testing and approval process that goes into getting approved. All Electro-Mech products are tested and receive flying passing colors through the ETL safety process, and this is an important consideration when choosing a reliable and quality sports .

The ETL Mark on your electronic scoreboard proves that the product has passed rigorous testing processes for safety and efficiency. The ETL safety checking service actually began during the time of Thomas Edison. The testing process was established in the Edison labs to ensure that the products passed all safety factors and were of a level of quality to produce on the market. The ETL service has continued to this day and is an international testing, inspection and certification organization.

An ETL Mark indicates that the product is in compliance and has passed the North American safety standards. Products of all types are included in the testing and it should be a main concern of any decision maker to ensure that a sports scoreboard includes the ETL Mark. You may see the logo stamped on a variety of products, most involving the safety issues through use for the general public and businesses. Products in high safety consideration industries such as gas and electrical must have the ETL Mark to be sold in North America.

Intertek is the largest testing organization for the ETL Mark, with certifications and accreditations for such organizations as Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), Testing Organization and Certification Body by the Standards Council of Canada, and stands as a recognized and rated NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory). ETL approval certifications include: ANSI, UL, NFPA, CSA, NOM and ASTM.

Electro-Mech submits each and every scoreboard to inspection centers for testing and receives the ETL Mark. The importance of the certification cannot be emphasized enough. Electro-Mech believes in supplying a top quality product that brings the assurance of safety to the customer. All of the scoreboards and products that are made at Electro-Mech are also inspected internally for safety and efficiency.

When considering the purchase of an electronic sports scoreboard, you might assume that all products carry this level of conscientious safety testing; but this is not always the case. There are lesser cost (and quality) sports scoreboard manufacturers that will attempt to offer cheaper cost, but that do not carry the ETL Mark. There is no comparison between these companies and the high level of safety offered in the Electro-Mech products. A lesser price at the cost of the safety of the client, fans, team, school or stadium is not something anyone should consider.

Maintaining the integrity of products and company name is a mainstay of the Electro-Mech company and we take pride in the fact that we consider safety as a first and top consideration for all of the products that are produced.

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