Newest Wave in Advertising: Advertising Scoreboards

With sports becoming more and more popular to watch on TV, many advertisers are starting to notice and are becoming a part of the action. A lot of the time, companies are taking advantage of , and are featuring their names along with the score and other pertinent information. Companies don’t want to be left in the dust when it comes to sports advertising, they want to continue to draw in customers and make money. The easiest way to sports advertise is to take advantage of advertising scoreboards. They are a really cost effective way to distribute your message to potential customers in a quick, efficient manner.

enable you to advertise in ways that traditional advertising mediums cannot. LED advertisement billboards allow you to advertise in a less pointed fashion. You aren’t bombarding potential customers through television advertising, which can annoy and put off potential customers. Advertising scoreboards enable you to advertise to people without them wanting to completely avoid your business just because of your incredibly annoying commercials. It is also good to use led advertisement billboards because you are focusing on more specialized groups of potential consumers. Think about it, at a high school football game for example, there are either going to be younger-age consumers (teenagers) or people who are interested in sports. So if you are a shoe company, you can draw both groups of people’s attentions to your company.

By advertising by using a , you also get the benefit of receiving cost efficient advertising. Your business is not going to have to spend an arm and a leg just to draw in a few more customers. Instead, by using a led scoreboard as a form of advertising, you can save your business a lot of money annually over other more traditional forms of advertising, such as thirty second TV commercial spots. Another benefit of using a led scoreboard is that you can also potentially get free TV exposure. If you have ever seen a Pittsburgh Steelers game, you have probably seen the Gillette insignia on the scoreboard when the camera panned over it. So, sports advertising can serve more of a purpose than to give a message to only the fans in the arena, but can also help spread your message on the national stage.

If you have noticed, many top-notch companies try to develop a sense of community. For example, it is hard to go to any high school football stadium and not see either a Coke or a Pepsi advertisement on the scoreboard. What they are trying to do is develop a sense of community, a sense that they went through what the football team went through throughout the year. Utilizing advertising scoreboards is to utilize this sense of togetherness. A main reason why a lot of people used to smoke cigarettes is due to the Band Waggoner effect. Because a lot of society as a whole smoked, people thought everyone did it and wanted to do it. The same thing works for advertising scoreboards, no matter your product.

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