Vidalia Recreation Department in Vidalia, Georgia Welcomes the Game of Football

The Vidalia Georgia Recreation Center is an important community center for the city of Vidalia. An array of fun events can always be found at the center. From holiday presentations to sports, the Vidalia Recreation Department is constantly adding new and innovative things to do. It was with great pride and a lot of hard work that the Vidalia Recreation Department added the game of football. This brings a whole new level of participation to the people of Vidalia.

The name of Vidalia brings an immediate recognition of their famed sweet onion. It is on their city logo and this onion cannot be grown so successfully anywhere else in the world. However, Vidalia actually started out as a little town growing up outside of a train depot. At the time, the train serviced farmers that raised pecans and tobacco. One source of history indicates the town was named after the daughter of a railroad man that passed through the area on his route. Another source indicates that Vidalia was named after Jose Vidal, a Spanish Army Officer. It was years later that the famous onion became a major crop.

Just talking to the Vidalia Recreation Department will welcome you to people that are well grounded and interested in helping the people of their area. There are so many things to do that you almost feel overwhelmed. The addition of the game of football has brought a new level of excitement for the Vidalia and their residents. These are loyal fans and football is electric in this town.

Taking on such a big project could be daunting for any other area. But, for the Vidalia Recreation Department, this was a long time in the planning and is a labor of love. A small little big town, the addition of football to the array of sports choices has had the backing of the town business people and the general populace alike. Everyone has rallied to help with an enthusiasm that only Vidalia can offer. This is not uncommon in Vidalia, because there are so many that are involved in community efforts. The hearts of the staff of the Vidalia Recreation Department equally match the people in the area where they freely donate time to a variety of not for profit and charity organizations.

Football season is a time of fun and participation for the Vidalia area. If you have a chance to be in Vidalia during this sports time, stop in at the Vidalia Recreation Department and see what all of the buzz is about. You will be swept up with the excitement, find a smile on your face and be welcomed by the gracious and friendly people of Vidalia. Stay awhile and attend a game. It will bring memories back to you of the way life used to be and you will become one of the incredible fans in Vidalia.

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