Baseball Spirit of Lexington High School in Lexington, SC

The town of Lexington South Carolina is rich is American history. You would think that entering the area one would be surrounded with a slower paced Southern style environment. But, you would be wrong. Lexington embodies all of the typical charm but it is also an incredible hub of technology and growth. The people of Lexington are incredibly proud of the Lexington High School. In the middle of the beauty and lush nature of this place, is a hot bed of excitement. You see, there is an incredible spirit of baseball at Lexington High School.

Lexington South Carolina is one of the areas of Lexington County that were established in 1735 by the Colonial government of King George II. The original intent was to act as a buffer between the Indian tribes of the area and the settled plantations. The two main Indian trails of the Cherokee and Occaneechi Paths were used extensively by the local inhabitants. Lexington continued to grow through the Revolutionary War, but, by the time the Civil War struck, the town was completely destroyed by 1865. These are hardy and strong peoples of the area and they rebuilt their town, from the ground up. Today, Lexington South
Carolina is one of the highest rated locations in a fast growing county.

The kids of Lexington High School have an incredible record. The school was rated a ten (out of a total score of ten) for the Great Schools rating. Ms. Beth Moore was voted the 2009-2010 Teacher of the Year. The Lexington High School Marching Band is the only South Carolina band to achieve a 5A finalist every year since it’s inception in 1988 and also received Second Place Championship from 1997-2001.

With all of these accomplishments, you might wonder what else could Lexington High School represent to top those? The answer is baseball. The Wildcats team is another feather in their cap, proving that these kids can excel in academics, music and sports. Just go to any game and take a look at the attendees. Everyone is there, from fellow students to the townspeople. The are a highlight of the game, with local sponsors who have lined up to have their logo and information displayed. This reminds the town and the players that they support their team. Lexington High School has topped the charts in the
topic of baseball and softball. Their record is quite impressive with multiple A, AA and 4 A Awards, starting in 1954 and continuing through the years.

Lexington High School is simply incredible. A visit to the school will be an exercise in seeing the enthusiasm of their teams. From kids and parents planning out the trip strategies to an away game, to their in-house organizations organizing the latest information on the baseball scoreboards; everyone participates and they all support their teams. Lexington is a representation of the love of our American sport of baseball and they prove they can do this with a five star attitude and a multitude of accomplishments. If you need to find out the latest information, just check out their Facebook and tweet updates.

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