Football Ambitions of Eagles of East Jackson High in Commerce, Georgia

  • The East Jackson High Eagles football team has high ambitions
  • A new electronic scoreboard at the school has improved sports fan attendance at the sporting events
  • The Eagles have had seasons that were not the best for the last few years, but this could change quickly

The East Jackson High Eagles football team, in Commerce, Georgia, is a team that has a lot of ambition and it shows. Football at this school is not just a sport, it is part of the school spirit and student life, and the school shows support for their team in many ways. Sports at this school are encouraged, and this does not just apply to football. The school recently installed a new Baseball Scoreboard 1530, and made some other improvements and upgrades at the same time. The Eagles football team at East Jackson High has the motivation and the ambition to take the school all the way this season, and to really make the scoreboards sing. The team has a number of talented players, and the last season may not have been the greatest but that just gives the Eagles that little push needed to make it over the top, so they can soar above the rest when it comes to high school football. Head Coach Frank Caputo has done an excellent job of getting the players ready and all working together as a team unit, and this next season may be the one to show the benefits of all the practice and work put in.

The scoreboards at a football game can tell the final score, as well as other important stats and facts, and last season the Eagles saw mixed results. In their first game, against West Hall on August twenty ninth, the Eagles lost, and this was true of the second game of the season against Fannin County as well. The team rallied back for a win during the game against Oglethorpe county, but then lost the next three games played. These losses were against Union County, Riverside Military Academy, and Banks County. The game against Rabun County was won by the Eagles, but then they lost the very next game against North Oconee. The Dawson County game was the last game of the season where the East Jackson High Eagles won, and they lost their last game against Jefferson. The scoreboard results for the team this season may have been mixed, but the Eagles have not let that stop their ambitions of becoming the State Champions in this sport at some point. The school has an excellent athletic program and football coaching staff, to go along with the academic excellence that the school is known for. Football is played on three different levels, with a freshman team, a junior varsity team, and a varsity team. By the time a player reaches the varsity level their talents and strengths are already identified to help make them a more effective and successful football player.

The new electronic scoreboards and other improvements made by East Jackson High offer many benefits, and not just to the athletic department. More sports fans attend the sporting events, and they travel from far away to cheer on the Eagles and watch high school football. More revenue is generated at these events, and this benefits the entire school and student body. The Eagles football team may not be state champions yet, but with the motivation and support that the team and sport receive from the school and the coaching staff it is just a matter of time before these ambitions become a reality. This football team has the drive, motivation, and ambition to succeed and make it to the top of the dog pile. There is nothing standing in the way of these ambitions, and this next season could be the one that sees the Eagles take flight and reach these goals, making it a season to watch for high school football fans in Georgia.

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