Saluda High School JV and Varsity Baseball

If you find yourself in South Carolina, you will always be overtaken by the beauty and charm of the state. From agriculture to the friendly nature of the residents, there is a sense of history and pride everywhere you venture. South Carolina is as American as it comes, and they are also very focused on the sport of baseball. The town of , is one place where baseball is a priority. The Saluda High School Tigers, in their famous purple and white colors, are loved and supported by the entire community.

There is something about the baseline core of the people of Saluda, SC. They have a great sense of home and family. The sense of history is well founded, as they have been in the area for over one hundred years. The town name was originally Redbank, but was renamed in 1896 to Saluda. Named for the Saluda River, the restructuring was necessary due to the fact that the town had become the Saluda County Seat.

There is a deep rooted shared fellowship in the area and an incredible support for the Saluda High School JV and Varsity Baseball teams. Saluda High School has a school motto of Teaching Students to be Learners for Life. Principal James C. Crawford seems to instill this attitude with a totally focused vision. They are as adamant about learning as they are for excellence in sports. Teaching good sportsmanship is a job that is taken seriously by Harvey Livingston, Athletics Director and Matt Covington, Coach.

If you have the honor of attending a Tigers baseball game, it will be an experience you will never forget. Saluda makes sure that everything is in place and everyone has the opportunity to get to a home or away game. The smell of the air, the static electricity of the fans, the glances at the : all blend to make a day of excitement. It is a common acceptance to see school staff, teachers, parents and fellow students at a game. They are always there to support the team, as are the sponsors with the name on the baseball scoreboards. The players look around and know that everyone is there to see them win. That fact alone makes them play even better. Purple and white are displayed everywhere, from banners to fans.

There is no experience that can compare to attending a high school baseball game. The bleacher seats are always filled, the fans are explosive with their cheering and the look of pride in the parent’s eyes is found in no other venue. The intense support that a small community like Saluda shows is another touch that is just not seen in the larger cities. In Saluda, they believe in taking the time to participate with the kids in everything that they do. A Saluda High School baseball game is an integral part of that participation and it is a true moment of fun to be caught up in that moment with them.

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