Football Team of Eaton High School at Eaton, Colorado

  • The Eaton High School Reds football team really knows the game of football
  • This high school football team made it all the way to the playoffs last season
  • The new LED scoreboard the school installed really improved the game experience for both the fans and the players

The football team at Eaton High School, situated in scenic Eaton, Colorado, is a team that really enjoys playing the game of football well. The last season saw the team with only four losses, and one of these occurred during the playoff games. The season started out in a grand fashion, with Eaton beating Holy Family School seventeen to seven. The score was displayed on the new electronic football scoreboard 3535 that Eaton High School recently purchased and had installed. The next challenge was Platte Canyon, and the Eaton Reds failed this challenge when they lost the game twenty eight to forty five. They also lost the next game, which was against Erie, but the Reds lost this one by a single point for a final showing on the scoreboards of forty one to forty two. The team won by two points against Weld Central, and then proceeded to really tear up Platte Valley with a final score of thirty four to eight. The Reds suffered a minor setback next because they lost to Brush High, seven to twenty eight. The Eaton High School football team did not let this deter them, and they bounced back to win forty to twenty one against Strasburg. They also won the following three games after this. The game against University resulted in an extremely large lead for Eaton High School, at sixty to eight. The scoreboard results when the Reds played Estes Park was a lot closer at twenty seven to twenty one. The last game of the season before the playoff game saw Eaton High School facing Valley High School, and the Reds grabbed victory with the ending score of forty nine to twenty six. The team lost the playoff game against Kent Denver, but only by four points at thirty five to thirty nine when the football game ended.

Coach Bill Mondt of the Eaton High School Reds football team has worked hard with the players to bring out their best, and it shows with the results seen last season. The new scoreboards that the school considered and then purchased also help to motivate the team and show support. This will help bring in more sports fans and visitors to the high school football games, and this can be a terrific chance for the school to generate extra revenue as well. New LED scoreboards are very clear and easy to read and understand. The display windows are large enough to be seen from far across the field, so all the fans and students have no trouble following the action both on and off the field. Bigger crowds and more enthusiasm can help give the team the little extra motivation needed to go from being good players to great players. The students here have a large amount of school and team spirit, and large numbers of the student body show up at practices, and especially games, to cheer on the Reds and show support. A scoreboard replacement can be a very big gesture that lets the football program and players at the school know that they are valued for their hard work. When Eaton High School made this improvement, the increase in revenue and fan attendance seen at the football games has made the initial cost well worth the price. With the season that the Reds played, the improvements made were a welcome acknowledgement of their accomplishments and helped to boost team morale. With all of the enthusiasm that the sports fans here have for high school football, and the way that they show it without reservation, may play a big part in sending the team all the way next year.

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