Football Game at Christian Heritage School Dalton, Georgia

  • A football game at Christian Heritage School in Dalton, Georgia, is an event that is fun and exciting
  • The school recently installed a new electronic scoreboard to improve the equipment
  • The Christian Heritage School Lions have played many outstanding games in the last few seasons

Watching a football game at Christian Heritage School in Dalton, Georgia, can be a very exciting time. The number of sports fans and visitors who come to the school to watch the football games has increased in recent years, and this is partially because Christian Heritage School has made a number of improvements concerning the facility and the equipment. One of the improvements made was the purchase and installation of a new electronic football scoreboard 3270, to help motivate the team and sports fans who come to the school to watch high school football. One of the players at Christian Heritage School, Terrell Wilson, is being watched by several colleges and is being recruited actively. Wilson plays both tight end and offensive linebacker, and this player draws in crowds because of his talent and skill on the field. When the Lions take the field to play, all eyes are on the team and the scoreboards go crazy. One game last season saw the Christian Heritage School Lions playing the North Georgia Falcons, and this game was full of excitement that brought the crowds to their feet. The final score showing was an amazing thirty nine to seven, with the Lions effectively holding off the Falcons through the entire game.

During the first quarter of the game, neither team scored any points and were instead working on getting into the right mindset and attitude. After the first quarter, the Christian Heritage School came back in the second to score twenty six points, while the Falcons only managed seven. This was the only quarter that North Georgia received any points for. The third quarter of the game saw the Lions take another six points, for a total of thirty three so far. The fourth quarter gave Christian Heritage School another six points, for a final score of thirty nine to seven. When the Lions left the field after their victory, spirits were very high and there was a lot of cheering and hollering going on among the players. The sports fans in attendance were just as enthusiastic as the players, and many waited until the team left the locker room to congratulate the Lions and show their support. The scoreboards were lit up, and stayed on a few extra minutes because of the number of visitors still at the facilities. This game was one that everyone present will remember for years.

During the game between Christian Heritage and North Georgia, several players really gave an extra effort. Ethan Knight made a twenty six yard TD pass from player John Pierce, as well as a forty seven yard interception return. Jared Cronan managed a fourteen yard run for a touchdown, and all of these plays occurred during the two quarters. During the third quarter Emory Brown made a twenty yard touchdown run, and John Pierce made one for twenty nine yards. Terrel Wilson came through in the fourth quarter, with a sixty nine yard fumble touchdown run. Christian Heritage School has a number of very talented players on the team, and a top notch football program as well. Since the new electronic scoreboards were installed, a game here at the school is much more fun and entertaining. The scoreboards allows the sports fans and student body to follow the game closely, and a single glance can relate all of the important factors. There is no need to squint or move closer, and no matter where visitors are sitting the score is very evident at any stage during the football game. The Christian Heritage School Lions are a great football team, with a lot of talent and initiative, and this is the main reason the fans come to the football games. The new equipment also helps, and the initial cost can be recovered fairly quickly.

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