Harvest Christian School. Oklahoma City Basketball Game Spirit

When you think of Oklahoma, you have to think and beautiful countryside. While Oklahoma City may be the largest city in Oklahoma and the state capital, it is also the home of Harvest Christian School. A small but vibrant private school, Harvest Christian School offers excellence in learning and sportsmanship. They do have a secret. They are crazy about basketball and no one has basketball spirit like Harvest Christian School.

Oklahoma City was actually founded during the land run of 1889. According to the records, it swelled in population to over ten thousand within hours of its founding. It was part of the unassigned lands open to homesteaders for settlement. Originally known for its stockyards, the discovery of oil in 1928 turned the area into a center for oil production. The city grew and then fluctuated in population over the years. In 1993 the city passed a huge redevelopment project known as Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS). This led to an increase in development and renewal of interest in the area. The people of Oklahoma City are descendents of a strong breed of unique individuals that braved what was then wilderness to create a place they called their own. Willing to undertake a challenge that was almost impossible, they carved out the area and created homes and family.

Harvest Christian School takes great pride in their historical roots within the Oklahoma City area. The school specializes in education for the pre-school through twelfth grade. The school has an innate ability to instill the best of academics, the arts and sports into the students and basketball is a key theme for everyone that attends. A small but tight knit community of kids, parents, teachers and staff; it is not uncommon to see the older kids teaching the younger ones on the rules of the game. At any basketball event, everyone turns out. They are a family for each other and make sure that their team knows they have their support. When a hoop shot is made, there are cheers and yells and everyone looks to the for the latest point to be added. The enthusiasm in the crowd is actually catching, and you might think you were at any larger event. Everyone’s eyes focus on the team playing and they holler when someone gets a hoop as well as when the point is added on the basketball scoreboards.

There is a common theme of good sportsmanship that is taught from the first day the children enter the school. This attitude of excellence offers the kids a sense of grounding. It can be attributed to the phenomenal instruction from those that offer the main guidance of the school, but it is also a base line attitude that has been carried forth from the founding of the city. The strength of those settlers has been passed on to succeeding generations until it is part of their lives. Every game that’s attended, every point that is made is for the school and the people that started with an idea and made their area their home.

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