Summerville High School of Summerville, SC: Green Wave Football

  • Summerville High is the home of Green Wave football
  • Summerville, South Carolina is a place where football is extremely popular
  • Summerville High School recently had a new electronic football scoreboard installed

Summerville High School is home to Green Wave football. This facility is situated in scenic and beautiful Summerville, South Carolina, and when it comes to the game of football this is where local sports fans come. The Summerville Green Wave football team is ranked number thirty eight in the state, and a little over fifteen hundred in the nation. Kelly green and gold is the colors of the team and the facility, and the head coach John McKissick is also the athletic director at Summerville High. The football program at the school is one of the best in the state, and the last season that the Green Wave team played was one that had a large number of wins and few losses. The overall stats for the team was nine wins and three losses, making this season one that was very well played. In order to increase team spirit and draw in bigger crowds, Summerville High School installed a new electronic football scoreboard 3540 installed not too long ago. This was done for several reasons, including all of the benefits that new or upgraded equipment can offer to the school, the Green Wave team, and the sports fans who attend the games here.

Green Wave football can be very exciting to watch, because the players on the team give everything they have to bring the team to victory. The first game of last season was a loss, when Conway High School won by one point with the scoreboards showing twenty one to twenty. This close game motivated the team to do better, and the next game of the season was a win when the Green Wave faced off against Goose Creek, and won thirty eight to twenty two. The following game was not as successful, and Irmo high won the game with a two point lead at sixteen to fourteen. Two losses seem to be all the team would tolerate, and the rest of the season was much better for Summerville High School. The team won the next eight games, and it was always by more than one point. Fort Dorchester lost fifteen to thirteen, and the game against Stratford left the scoreboard showing a whopping win for the Green Wave at twenty six to zero. The score against West Ashley was thirty one to twenty one in favor of Summerville High School, and the school stopped James Island completely with scoreboards showing thirty eight to zero.

Next the Green Wave played Wando, and won fourteen to nine. Berkeley High was the next to fall to Summerville High School, and the final score was sixteen to thirteen. The games played against Beaufort and Colleton County were also both winning games for the Green Waves. The last loss the school had was against Gaffney during the playoffs, but it was a big one with a score of forty for Gaffney and ten for Summerville High School. The new scoreboard that the school purchased does add a lot to the field, and the school spirit. With the level of support that the Green Wave football team gets, it is no wonder that the team plays so hard and does so well. South Carolina is a state that loves to watch high school football, and this is especially true when the Green Wave team from Summerville High School is playing. With all that the school and football program here have to offer it is no wonder the sports fans visit frequently, and in large numbers. A football game at the school can be the definition of excitement, and the visitors know this.

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