Basketball Fun for the Little Ones at Carmel Elementary of Woodstock, GA

Carmel Elementary School in Woodstock Georgia has the great honor of having been selected as one of only two schools in the state to have received the Georgia School of Character Award. Their Learn & Serve program has escalated the school to an above average scenario backed by their Eleven Principles of Character. What may surprise you is that Carmel Elementary School has ingrained not only a sense of academic and principled excellence, but has an incredibly balanced sports arena for the students. This is never truer than the basketball fun at Carmel ES. Check out any game and you will see sponsors and fans alike, eyes focused on the .

Historic Woodstock Georgia is located just outside of Atlanta. This quiet and beautiful town has produced an array of professionals including authors, Rhodes Scholars and professional baseball players. They are proud of their Olde Towne Woodstock that offers a glimpse of true Southern life of the past. Their festivals are some of the best around and the food…well, you just can’t leave the place without a full and happy stomach. Walking around Woodstock, you will view first hand a city that is over one hundred years old and one of the county’s oldest towns. Don’t let the beauty and charm fool you, Woodstock is one of the county’s fastest growing areas. What started out as a railroad, mill and industrial area now has an incredible selection of new and modern businesses.

There is something about Woodstock Georgia that embodies everything balanced. Many of the schools win awards every year. With an average classroom size of 16.4, the kids receive the best education around. This is proven no where better than Carmel Elementary School. While they have been a front runner in innovative teaching techniques, they have made sure the students are involved in learning the team spirit of playing sports. Basketball is one of the greatest fun sports for the kids. Go to any game and see all eyes on the basketball scoreboards.

The fun isn’t just limited to the kids. Parents, teachers and business owners all get involved in the games. The PTA Basketball has become part of the changing face of participation. Local business people have joined to encourage and promote special events for raising money for the teams.

When most kids in the country dread going to school every day, attending school at Carmel Elementary is a change of pace. In any given day, faculty and staff are working with parents and students to bring the very best they can to the school. From academics to sports, they approach the topics as life lessons and fun. While the Southern attitude is usually attributed to a slower kind of living, this is not the case in Woodstock Georgia or at Carmel Elementary School. Passion of learning and team sportsmanship is shared by everyone in the town. Participation might be a requirement, but it’s a labor of love for all. Everyone joins in game attendance and supporting the kids and their teams at Carmel Elementary School. It’s the kind of school that you wish you could have gone to and the kind you want your kids to attend.

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