Dexter Moody – Rising Football Star of Emmanuel County Institute in Twin City, Georgia

  • New electronic scoreboards offer a number of benefits to high schools and colleges
  • Dexter Moody is a rising football star of Emmanuel County Institute, because he can make the scoreboard light up
  • New equipment can increase team and student morale while generating more income for the school

Dexter Moody is a high school football player, one who is the rising star of Emmanuel County Institute, in the city of Twin City, Georgia, and the darling of a number of colleges right now. One reason that Moody is in such demand is the fact that he really knows how to change the scoreboard, and plays an excellent game of football. At a height of six foot two inches and a weight of more than two hundred pounds, Moody knows how to use these advantages on the field to get results, and this has benefited Emmanuel County Institute as well. The school recently installed a new Football Scoreboard 3530, and some students and fans speculated and joked that it was needed, because the old scoreboards were worn out thanks to Dexter Moody. Whether the school installed new equipment simply because of one player can not be determined, but the effect on the fans, students, and players alike was fantastic. Upgrading or replacing equipment can bring in more visitors and sports fans, and bring them in from farther distances, and this means more revenue is generated for the school. This revenue is used to create more improvements, for the athletic department and the rest of the school. Dexter Moody has drawn a lot of attention, for himself and for his high school, but he is not the only rising star that the football team at this school has either. Washaun Ealey is a running back at Emmanuel County Institute, and the two teammates are great friends. Plans for both of them to attend college and play for the Bulldogs together have been finalized, with offers from Georgia, LSU, and Florida tempting the senior in high school. In an astonishing turn, Dexter Moody signed with Georgia, but recently changed course when his scholarship and the offer to play was rescinded.

The trouble with Georgia does not have anything to do with the way that Dexter Moody can light up the scoreboards, but rather with academic and performance problems that have developed. This will probably not stop one of the other colleges from choosing to sign Moody though, and he still has a very promising career in football. The whole issue started at Emmanuel County Institute, where Moody and a chemistry teacher had an argument. No action was taken by the chemistry teacher, but one of the assistant coaches heard about the altercation and reported the matter to the principal and the football coach. Georgia released Moody from the letter of intent within a very short time, while wishing the athlete well. Moody is still a very skilled player, with an ability to make the scoreboard go crazy, and this may have temporarily halted the rise but many sports fans believe this is just a small setback. With his performance in the last four years at Emmanuel County Institute and the Under Armour All American game, plus the fact that he was ranked number one hundred and one on the list of the ESPNU150 ratings. This linebacker will play college football, there is no doubt about that, but maybe he needs to mature a little more as well. The release by Georgia may be a setback, but this rising star will find his new home without many problems. Dexter moody has brought a lot of attention and glory to Emmanuel County Institute, and he plays the game of football very well. There are a number of colleges just waiting to make an offer on this athlete, especially because he has not had any legal or severe disciplinary problems, to help improve the results shown on their scoreboard.

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