Eagles of Chesnee High School of Chesnee, SC, Are Aiming to Fly High

  • The Eagles football team of Chesnee High School has their sights set on the sky
  • A new scoreboard has helped the Chesnee High School increase attendance and revenue at the football games
  • The Chesnee High School Eagles are working their way to the top

The Chesnee High School Eagles are aiming at the sky, and preparing to take flight. The football team at this school located in Chesnee, South Carolina, has a lot of reasons to be proud. The school has been making improvements to the facilities and the equipment, including new scoreboards, and this has had a very positive effect on the student body and the football team. The Eagles may not have been the champions in he last few seasons, but this could change in the next season. The players and coaches are definitely motivated, and ready to take the lead and go all the way next year. The school has definitely shown that they support the team, and the improvements made have benefited the athletic department and the school both. The new electronic Football Scoreboard 3540 makes an excellent addition to the football field at the school, and draws visitors from far away. It is a large size at thirty two foot by eight foot, which makes it very easy to see and read. No matter where the fans are sitting on the field, the scoreboard will be very visible. There is a timer, showing the time left, as well as windows for both the home and guest teams. Other windows show the many aspects of the game that are important. One glance will allow sports fans to understand exactly where the game is at, and what has happened up to this point. Many high schools and colleges are investing in better equipment and newer technologies to make their athletic games better and the attendance bigger. This strategy offers many benefits, and the cost of a new scoreboard may be recovered in a short time because of the increased revenue seen as well. Parents and fans will come from all over the state, or even further, to watch the Eagles play, and this is especially true now with the upgraded equipment.

In South Carolina, high school and college football is a big deal, just like in many other states across the country, and this is true in Chesnee, South Carolina as well. The Chesnee High School Eagles football team always draws crowds whenever they play, and they have a consistently shown that they have the talent and desire to win. During games, the Eagles always guarantee excitement, and the scoreboards light up like a Las Vegas casino. The team has many skilled and talented players, and Head Coach Brent Bridges and Athletic Trainer John Riesenberg have been working hard to build on these qualities. The Eagles may not have made it all the way to the top lately, but they are aiming there and may reach the sky in the next season or two. The team works very well together as a unit, without any major problems on or off the field. The school is very proud of the team, and it shows. Support for the team and athletic department is shown in a number of ways, not just with the new electronic football scoreboard. The students have a great deal of school spirit, and are not shy about cheering their team on to victory. Team Manager Gerald Mills goes the extra mile to ensure the players have what they need to play at their best, and this goes a long way towards success. The Eagles may not be soaring above the other teams yet, but they are building up momentum, and in the next season or two it is very possible that this high school football team will reach the top, and go all the way to the number one spot in the state, or even higher.

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  1. Hey my name is Brooke Bagwell. I am a student at Chesnee High School.I am interested in becoming an Athletic Trainer. I was wanting to talk to the athletic trainer about how much she made and was all the school and stuff worth it.

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