East Jackson High School Commerce, GA: Eagles Baseball

  • In Commerce, Georgia, baseball fans watch the East Jackson High School Eagles
  • A new electronic baseball scoreboard installed by the school has drawn more fans than ever
  • When it comes to baseball, the East Jackson High School Eagles are getting ready to soar and have had great seasons lately

The East Jackson High School Eagles baseball team in Commerce, Georgia, has a lot to be proud of over the last few seasons, and this team is one that fans love to watch and cheer for. East Jackson High School is one of the high schools and colleges across the United States that has made improvements and installed new electronic scoreboards, and this upgrade can benefit the players, the athletic department, the students, and the school. The choice made by the school for the Eagles baseball team was the Baseball Scoreboard 1530, and it was a good one. There was a choice of many different colors concerning the background, lettering, and stripe on the equipment, and the large windows and clear digits make it easy for fans to read the score and all of the important stat of the game at a glance. The twenty foot by six foot size makes it very obvious, and it will be visible from anywhere in the bleachers around the diamond. New scoreboards can assist in bringing in new visitors and fans, and make the games much more exciting and easier to follow for everyone. At East Jackson High School, game attendance has increased since the installation of the equipment, and the players have been more motivated and focused on their skills. The team has made a number of records and firsts for the school in the last few years, and the last season may not have been the greatest ever for the Eagles, but it was also not one of the worst either. With more practice and improvement, the next few seasons for the East Jackson High School Eagles could be the ones where the team really soars above the rest. There are a number of very talented baseball players on the team, and with a little more time to come together as a unit there is no telling how far this team may go.

The new scoreboard that was installed at East Jackson High School in Commerce, Georgia, was a sign of support and school spirit to show the baseball team that the entire school was behind the players and the sport. This had an effect, because the last season was a good one for the Eagles, even though they did not finish first. The 2008 season saw Brandon Rucker hit a record with nine bases stolen, and Josh Chumley had a batting average of point five two nine. Taylor Boswell had thirty nine hits during the season, and Evan Williamson had eight doubles. Zaine Haley was one of the players to watch during the 2008 season, and he made a number of school records. He had two triples, four home runs, and eighteen runs batted in through the whole season, and also pitched thirty four innings during the season as well. Haley is a great all around player who excels in many positions, and this is true of many of the players. The team also managed twelve strikeouts during the 2008 season. The East Jackson High School Eagles are a baseball team that draws crowds, and upgrading or replacing the scoreboards will only add to this fact. The team has done fairly well in the last few seasons, and they plan on doing even better next year. The sport of baseball here in Georgia is a very popular one, and in Commerce baseball means the Eagles and East Jackson High School. Fans come from far away to watch the scoreboard light up and the players play, and it is common for the fans to cheer on their team very vocally, or to stand up and clap or stomp.

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